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TURSA aims to auspice, manage, develop, and deliver innovative employment and training programmes to assist to alleviate unemployment and under–employment and minimise the marginalisation of these groups, assist them to gain access to the Labour Market, and assist the growth of the human capital necessary to grow and develop commercial and social enterprise.


These six values are the basic principles on which TURSA was founded.
They govern the way in which we make our decisions and carry out our activities.

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Honesty and Integrity
  • Commit to the highest standards of ethical and legal behaviour
  • Act fairly and honestly in the conduct of our business
  • Perform with integrity
  • Adhere to the relevant Commonwealth and State legislation, e.g. Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, Work Health & Safety, Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and Anti-discrimination
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High Performance
  • Instill pride and professionalism in the workplace and staff
  • Create a work environment that stimulates innovation and continuous improvement, and encourages and acknowledges employee growth and development
  • Observe sound financial and risk management practices including independent auditing
  • Continue the use of high quality reporting, including the integration of systems-based technology, to support and minimise labour intensive resource use
  • Ensure regular and ongoing quality assurance and effective service delivery evaluation of all training programmes and services
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Excellent Customer Service
  • Recognise that our customers are our primary interest
  • Be sensitive and responsive to the learner and industry’s needs
  • Treat our participants, job seekers, and customers with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Implement and adhere to a transparent complaints and review process
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Respect for Diversity
  • Cultivate a public awareness and appreciation for diversity within our staff
  • Promote acceptance and positive attitudes towards diversity
  • Build on both our commonalities and differences
  • Promote equal opportunity and diversity in leadership
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Openness and Teamwork
  • Encourage an atmosphere of open communication, listening, and trust within the organisation and in the community
  • Work together toward common goals, building on each other’s strengths in an open and supportive manner
  • Encourage and support the opportunity for empowerment and personal leadership development
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Forward Thinking
  • Identify trends, anticipate problems, and develop innovative, efficient, and effective solutions
  • Seek a variety of views in the decision-making process
  • Recognise the value of pro-active planning as an important community development resource
  • Disseminate information on changes and best practice
  • Work co-operatively with key stakeholders to expand training opportunities to ensure an effective, efficient, and viable market