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What we do

Connecting Business and Workers!

Founded in 1994, Tursa Employment & Training is a not-for-profit organisation and its core business is all about work: finding work for people who need work and finding workers for businesses that need workers. TURSA is also a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation. From 58 offices along the Eastern seaboard from Forster (NSW) to Noosaville (QLD), TURSA connects job seekers and business with a minimum of fuss and no fees.

Tursa Employment & Training delivers many programmes and services such as:

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As a major contracted provider of the Australian Government’s employment service programme jobactive, TURSA helps job seekers find employment and supports them as they commence work. This ensures the job seeker has the best chance to retain the job and thrive in their new role.

TURSA assists employers to find suitable workers for their business through screening resumes, shortlisting and referring candidates, as well as providing wage subsidies where appropriate. TURSA also provides traineeship incentives and after-placement support for both the employer and the worker as well as other assistance.

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Work For The Dole

Work for the Dole formulates part of jobactive. It is a mandatory Australian Government work experience programme which places job seekers in activities where they can build new skills, experience and confidence to move from welfare to work while giving back to their community.
Work for the Dole activities can be hosted by not-for-profit organisations/charities, or local, state, or Australian Government organisations or agencies. During Work for the Dole, job seekers undertake work-like activities at a host organisation or as part of a community-based project.

Disability Employment Services logo
Disability Employment Services
TURSA delivers Disability Employment Services across 58 easily accessible offices from the Sunshine Coast, QLD to the Mid North Coast NSW; ensuring clients receive appropriate assistance, including wage subsidies, and a high level of mentoring support in their new careers.



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TURSA delivers nationally accredited training as well as developing employability skills to help job seekers get jobs and support employers with their training needs. The training is tailored towards the skills and abilities of each individual person as well as focusses on the market demand in the region to ensure sustainable employment.

TURSA is a member of the following industry associations:

National Employment Services Association (NESA) Disability Employment Australia (DEA)