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Employment with a Disability

Employing People with a Disability – The Facts. 

The benefits of employing people with a disability are becoming more obvious;

  • People with a disability are highly motivated, skilled, determined, and capable of great things.
  • Almost one in five Australians experiences some disability.
  • Employing people with disabilities allows business owners to access more skilled staff. 
  • Assistance is provided before, during and after the recruitment process.
  • The Disability Employment Service program provides access to generous wage support. As a result, it helps offset costs to business owners. Subsidies are funded by the Australian Government and managed by TURSA.  
TURSA Delivers Disability Employment:
  • We learn about your business needs and the job vacancy.
  • Our job is to identify candidates’ skills, strengths, and abilities to job requirements. We acknowledge that they have to manage a disability, and our focus is on aligning their capability and goals with your business requirements.
  • TURSA has been a trusted provider for over 27 years. We recruit, screen, interview and support sustainable employment at no charge to the Employer.
TURSA Makes The Process Easy:
  • We facilitate wage subsidies and assistance for the employee during the settling in period. 
  • We provide on the job support to ensure employment sustainability
  • TURSA work place modifications, if required in the workplace.
Welcome to Work! 

Success for people with a disability is the same as for everyone else. Find the right job and employer and move forward with life goals and independence.

Research shows that Australian businesses reap the rewards when hiring skilled staff with a disability through:

  • Staff Retention
  • Increased Morale
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Increase in performance
  • Improved reputation
  • Customer view of your brand
  • A fresh way of looking at things

TURSA assists with workplace orientation and modifications, including arranging financial assistance when required. As a result, financial outlays are at little or no cost to your business.

For instance, TURSA also provide ongoing support for both you and your employee in the workplace.  More information

We found working together, gets more people with a disability into a sustainable job.  A win for your business and a win for the employee.

People with disability have a wide range of experiences, skills, abilities and qualifications to bring to the workplace, work in a wide range of jobs across all levels, including entry level, middle management and senior leadership roles.

Australian and international studies have found that people with a disability are reliable and productive employees, have fewer workplace accidents than employees without a disability and take fewer sick days.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Key Benefits To Consider:
  • Reliable: People with disabilities stay in jobs longer, take less sick leave, and take fewer days off than other workers.
  • Productive: People with disabilities perform equally to other employees when placed in the right job.
  • Affordable: Recruitment costs are lower with government wage subsidies and TURSA assistance.
  • Safe – Australian (Deakin University 2002) and overseas studies have found that workers with disabilities are no more at risk of injury at work than other employees.
  • Good for business: People with disabilities build strong connections with customers. They boost staff morale and loyalty by helping to create a diverse workforce. Teamwork is enhanced, and costs are lower due to reduced staff turnover, recruitment and retraining costs. Hiring people with disabilities adds to the organisation’s overall diversity. It builds the company’s image among its staff, community, and customers.

When your workforce reflects the community it serves, there is a greater chance of delivering inclusive services to all.

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