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Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole places job seekers in activities where they can gain skills and experience that give back to the community and can help them find a job.

Work for the Dole is part of jobactive. It is a mandatory federal government work experience programme which places job seekers in activities where they can build new skills, experience and confidence to move from welfare to work while giving back to their community.

Work for the Dole activities can be hosted by not-for-profit organisations/charities, or local, state, or Australian Government organisations or agencies. During Work for the Dole, job seekers undertake work-like activities at a host organisation or as part of a community-based project.

Work for the Dole can help job seekers to:
  • Develop on-the-job skills
  • Demonstrate abilities to potential employers
  • Obtain references from work experience employers
  • Make new work contacts
  • Take part in training
  • Stay connected to the workforce
Work for the Dole provides benefits to local communities:
  • Enables new or improved community facilities
  • Provides an extra pair of hands to help complete tasks within local community organisations
  • Offers the ability to undertake projects that otherwise would not be able to be undertaken
  • Helps community organisations to offer additional or new services
Some examples of Work for the Dole activities include:
  • Retail and customer service work in not-for-profit stores
  • Assistance with office and administration duties for eligible organisations
  • Gardening or maintenance activities in schools or aged care facilities
  • Rehabilitation works of public parks and roadways
  • Restoration of historic buildings and community facilities
  • Production of websites and videos for eligible organisations

For further information about Work for the Dole go to: