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Disability Employment Advocates – Coffs Harbour ESA

Disability Employment Services – Employment Support Services

TURSA is seeking to employ Disability Employment Advocates with experience in case management and/or marketing who meet our selection criteria to work within areas listed below. Disability Employment Advocates provide services and support to eligible, unemployed clients to enable those clients to access appropriate, relevant training and/or to gain employment.

  • Coffs Harbour

Delivery of Disability Employment Services is a highly competitive industry that is also highly regulated. Continuation of our contracts and the level of business depends upon being ranked highly on comparative performance with other providers not only in the immediate area but more so against other providers across the rest of Australia. Please visit the following website for further information;

Employment experience in Disability Employment Services within the last five years is desirable. The successful applicants will have exceptional people skills i.e. the ability and disposition to engage positively and empathetically with clients to work with and support them to move into employment or self-employment.

Staff will need to be flexible and have the ability to adapt as the industry is subject to frequent change and development.

Information on TURSA sites, programmes, and services is available on the TURSA website or through Links on our website.

No further information will be supplied to applicants other than as set out as follows or available through the TURSA website or Links to the website, or publications or brochures etc. available for public access at any of our current DES and jobactive sites.

Applicants should not canvass current TURSA staff in respect to their application.

Application details and procedures are set out as follows:

  1. Selection Criteria
  2. Application Procedure
  3. Medical examination
  4. Australian Federal Police Check, Child Protection Check, and other screening as per relevant State requirements.

Selection Criteria:

Disability Employment Advocate (Disability Employment Services – Employment Support Services)
1 Relevant practical experience within the last five years in Disability Employment Services case managing clients with disabilities combined with demonstrated consistent performance in achieving training and/or employment outcomes for clients is desirable.
2 A minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Employment Services, or a related qualifications in the field of Disability Services, or a preparedness to obtain this qualification within the first 12 months of employment.
3 A strong sense of self, and a high level of confidence and empathy to engage comfortably and effectively with clients seeking employment and/or training qualifications.
4 Preparedness to support clients within field placements by working with clients in the workplace, providing them with mentoring and relevant assistance.
5 I. T. skills e.g. Internet, Email, Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook programs; Employment Support System
6 Motor vehicle driver’s licence

Position Overview:


POSITIONS: Disability Employment Advocate
Senior Disability Employment Advocate
Progression by re-classification to Senior Disability Employment Advocate on merit or the allocation of additional duties/responsibilities at the discretion of management
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Chief Officer – Disability Employment Services, or relevant manager, or Senior Disability Employment Advocate
AS AT: Thursday 4th July 2019
CLASSIFICATION: Training & Placement Officer Gr. 1 & 2 LMAI Award shall apply to dependent to a Disability Employment Advocate upon experience and qualifications. A Senior Disability Employment Advocate will be substantively classified as Training & Placement Co-ordinator (LMAI Award)
OBJECTIVE: To enable clients with disability to acquire and develop in a non-threatening, supportive environment, the necessary skills, motivation, opportunities, and commitment to achieve employment or self-employment outcomes.
SCOPE: A Disability Employment Advocate is an employee engaged to provide direct and support services to clients with disability, in training courses, employment, work experience and work for the dole placement, or support services and other programmes and activities provided directly or indirectly to Tursa Employment & Training clients.
Disability Employment Advocate duties shall include the range of duties required to deliver Disability Employment Services (see ) as prescribed under contract to the Department of Social Services (DSS).
An incumbent may be required to discharge all of the duties or some of the duties in such combination as specified as is necessary to deliver contracted services and taking into consideration the abilities and skills of the worker, and the needs of the site and clients.
Disability Employment Services will be provided by Tursa Employment & Training from a network of 58 sites in 16 Employment Service Areas between Forster on the NSW Mid North Coast and Noosaville on the Qld. Sunshine Coast, and as far west as Toowoomba, Qld., and around 100kms inland in NSW.
The indicative range of duties and responsibilities is as follows:

You are required to comply with relevant legislation, company policies, codes of conduct, and service standards as available for reference on the TURSA intranet. Non-compliance with relevant legislation, company policies, codes of conduct and service standards will be subject to the performance management process as outlined in the PER018 ‘Human Resource Management Procedures Manual’ located on the TURSA intranet.
You are liable to criminal prosecution and/or civil action for any serious threatening, harassing, discriminatory, or bullying behaviour towards others, breaching the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and privacy principles, or undertaking criminal activity.

2. Core Skills: Disability Employment Advocates will:
  • Have an understanding and acceptance of people with disability and combined with an empathy for their client group
  • Engage with and build strong supportive working relationships with both clients and employers through clear interpersonal and communication skills
  • Comply with DSS Disability Employment Services guidelines, and funding Grant requirements
  • Ensure the integrity and appropriateness of data entered into electronic and/or hard copy systems in accordance with organisational policies and procedures
  • Refer any significant difficulties or issues or complaints to your SDEA or Area Manager for further action
  • Manage allocated workload through prioritisation and effective time management
  • Attend and participate in professional development training, as reasonably directed
3. Case Management: Undertake the following tasks with clients who may be referred from Centrelink, other appropriate agencies, or be a self-referral:
  • Interviewing and registering
  • Assessing and identifying personal barriers such as literacy and numeracy needs and make, or recommending appropriate referrals to appropriate agencies and programmes for specialist services e.g. D & A, shelter, essential living needs
  • Constructing and completing an accurate and appropriate TURSA Skills Assessment
  • Entering into prescribed contracts or agreements e.g. Employment Plan, and update plans as required and after current activities have been completed
  • Referring to appropriate education/training courses
  • Conducting individualised reviews and assisting jobseekers to choose appropriate activities.
  • Negotiating client support expenditure with your SDEA or Area Manager
  • Recording interviews, assistance given, and other relevant material concerning delivery of individual services to clients in hard copy files and computer records utilising procedures and standardised pro forma’s on the TURSA intranet.
4. Job Search and Matching: Assist the clients’ job search endeavours through:
  • Sourcing job vacancies from online advertisements, newspapers, and local employers and match clients to suitable vacancies.
  • Liaising with Indigenous Communities and assist to identify, establish and develop employment strategies, opportunities, and projects
  • Checking for new referrals in ESS, liaise with the Business Liaison Teams (BLT) across the immediate and neighbouring clusters, match and refer clients to any suitable vacancies supplied by the BLT.
  • Reverse marketing clients to both local and non-local employers.
  • Forwarding prospective resumes and arranging interviews between clients and employers.
  • Providing advice and training regarding job search skills and techniques.
  • Accessing appropriate resources for job seeking clients.
5. Group Facilitation work, Training or Assessment Services:
  • Assisting the job seeker with pre-employment skill and vocational development, independent job search and the compilation of industry standard resumes
  • Arranging, negotiating, and ensuring relevant and suitable training, and appropriate work experience and work for the dole placements
  • Conducting or arranging to be conducted any Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Current Competencies or Credit Transfer for the trainee
  • Arranging and co-ordinating scheduling and organising intakes of trainees into training
  • Creating and compiling all relevant training manuals for distribution to trainees
  • Organising and/or conducting assessments once trainees have completed relevant training modules
  • Maintaining personnel records for the purpose of monitoring all trainees’ progress
  • Conducting orientation of trainees and employers on training requirements and obligations
  • Providing mentor support and assistance to trainees, and advice on training issues to employers
  • Liaising as required with other relevant service providers, authorised departmental staff, employer organisations and businesses
6. Compliance and Post Placement Support: Ensuring client participation, and compliance by:
  • Checking caseloads for any ‘drop offs’ or Centrelink generated outcomes, contact clients as necessary for outcome details, & action as appropriate by ensuring accurate entry of placement and outcome information into ESSweb
  • Ensuring clients’ attendance at job interviews and training sessions and attempt to phone clients the following day after interviews
  • Providing on-going support and monitoring progress of clients in accordance with DES-ESS provisions and TURSA policies and procedures by regular visits or interviews or contacts as and where required or directed, and record as specified in appropriate, summarised form details of each interview or visit or contact noting significant events/issues/problems as well as progress e.g. punctuality, absenteeism, attitude, behaviour, skills development, relationship to employer, personal presentation.
  • Contribution to the achievement of programmes’ KPI’s, star ratings and individual role objectives consistent with the TURSA Annual Business and Strategic Plan
  • Achievement of job seeker retention rates for 26 week outcomes comparable to the TURSA and industry average
  • Establishment of productive working relationships with other TURSA staff, the general public, the wider business community, and job seekers to maximise outcomes
  • Compliance with internal and external contractual requirements with low levels of non- compliance evident
  • Contribution to active participation in suggestions for improving services and providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Application Procedure:

Applicants must follow the following format in applying for employment:

  1. Address all of the selection criteria in a concise and relevant manner in your letter of application or as a separate (preferred) attachment to your letter of application (no more than ½ page per criterion - just a simple statement of fact as to why you believe you meet the criterion will suffice). Objective, quantitative evidence is desired to support your claims. (NOTE: Your application will not be considered if you do not address the selection criteria.)
  2. Attach a copy of resume with details of three recent, relevant referees, and copies of any qualifications
  3. Please clearly identify your preferred Site(s) or geographical area
  4. Please place a footer on each page of any application letter, resume, and addressing of selection criteria stating your name, date and the position applied for
  5. If preference is to mail application:
      • Post:
        Manager – Human Resources,
        Tursa Employment & Training,
        P.O. Box 241,
        TWEED HEADS NSW 2485

TURSA reserves the right to appoint applicants prior to the closing date.

Medical Examination:

Tursa Employment & Training reserves the right to require applicants to undergo a medical examination before offering employment.

Federal Police and Child Protection Checks:

Successful applicants will be required to undergo Federal Police and relevant State Child Protection Checks and other screening as per relevant State requirements before confirmation of employment.

All jobs offers will be subject to satisfactory reference checks.

Coffs Harbour ESA
152 West High Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Job Info
Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 1
Date Posted: 05/07/2019
Expiry Date: 22/07/2019
Job Type: Full Time
Salary Info
Salary Type: Negotiable