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Manager – Training & Development

Tursa Employment & Training is seeking to employ an experienced Training Manager with demonstrated consistent performance in meeting individual and organisational objectives and compliance requirements. The position will be based in Tweed Heads and Lismore, including travel across other TURSA locations as required.

The Manager – Training & Development will provide the necessary leadership to effectively and efficiently manage the Training Unit to achieve the requisite training and employment outcomes for clients in pursuit of the overall objectives and goals of Tursa Employment & Training. The incumbent will also be responsible for arranging and/or providing and overseeing training of TURSA staff in qualifications relevant to their occupational requirements and as arranged by the TURSA Human Resources Unit.

The Manager – Training & Development has responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Training Unit, ensuring the integrity of the organisation as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is maintained in accordance with all relevant frameworks including the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) guidelines.

The successful applicant will have previous relevant experience managing the operations of a commercial Registered Training Organisation, along with a demonstrated level of success in their previous employment. The successful applicant will have exceptional people skills i.e. the ability and disposition to engage positively with staff, and work with and support them to move clients into employment or self-employment. They will also have a demonstrated knowledge of QLD User Choice and NSW Smart & Skilled contracts.

Delivery of Employment Services is a highly competitive industry that is also highly regulated. Continuation of our contracts and the level of business the Government allocates to TURSA depends upon being ranked highly on comparative performance with other providers not only in the immediate area but more so against other providers across the rest of Australia. Please visit the following website for further information;

A very attractive salary and benefits package including the provision of a fully-maintained vehicle for personal as well as business use is applicable, as well as a 9-day, 72-hour fortnight will be negotiated with the successful candidate.

The successful applicant will need to be flexible and have the ability to change and adapt as the Industry is subject to frequent change and development.

Information on TURSA sites, programmes, and services is available on this website.

No further information will be supplied to applicants other than as set out as follows or available through the TURSA website or Links to the website, or publications or brochures etc. available for public access at any of our current jobactive and Disability Employment Services sites.

Applicants should not canvass current TURSA staff in respect to their application.

Application details and procedures are set out as follows:

  • Selection Criteria
  • Position Overview
  • Application Procedure
  • Medical Examination
  • Federal Police & Child Protection Checks

Selection Criteria:


Manager – Training & Development
1 Relevant experience and proven success in the last five years in operational management of a commercial Registered Training Organisation (RTO), including knowledge of QLD User Choice and NSW Smart & Skilled contracts.
2 Demonstrable experience in maintaining RTO Accreditation in accordance with relevant Standards frameworks and contractual requirements.
3 Current TAE40110 in addition to relevant formal tertiary qualifications is essential
4 Relevant experience in the last five years developing, validating, delivering, and assessing accredited course material
5 Demonstrated ability and commitment to objectively lead, drive, and grow staff performance in terms of quality of service delivery for job seeker and employer clients, compliance with contracts/deeds, and legal obligations
6 Commitment and capacity to complying with contractual and organisational policies and requirements including operating confidentially within a commercial, competitive environment
7 Ability and commitment to embrace and adapt to change, and to work flexibly to meet the needs of the organisation
8 Preparedness to be away overnight or longer as required
9 Current motor vehicle driver’s licence

Position Overview:


POSITION: Manager – Training & Development
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Chief Operating Officer or such other as determined by the Board of Directors
As at: Friday 24th May 2019
OBJECTIVE: The Manager – Training & Development will be responsible to manage, lead, and drive TURSA’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to:
  • Contribute to the efficient and effective operation of Employment Services and activities
  • Ensure contractual arrangements and organisational policies and procedures are adhered to
These objectives aim to achieve and maintain an ethical, efficient, and effective employment service delivery appropriate to the needs of clients, and to the level of performance necessary to maintain existing contracts and win new business.
SCOPE: The Manager – Training & Development shall provide the necessary leadership to, and management of the Training Unit to achieve the requisite training and employment outcomes for clients and provide support to Chief Officers in pursuit of the overall objectives and goals of Tursa Employment & Training.The role is one fundamentally responsible for:
    • Ensuring the maintenance and integrity of TURSA’s registration as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in accordance with all relevant frameworks including the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) guidelines (this is a paramount responsibility).
    • The delivery, monitoring, evaluation, assessment, review, co-ordination, and most critically, the performance of TURSA’s Registered Training Organisation, other training and development programmes, activities, projects, and services allocated, including staff and client training, within legislative requirements, contractual specifications and guidelines, key performance indicators, codes of conduct, quality assurance standards and obligations, and organisational policies, priorities, and capacities
    • Ensuring the maintenance and enhancement of standards and quality of training and training services and that they are delivered in compliance with relevant legislation, contracts, standards and Codes of Conduct
    • Establishing and maintaining appropriate relationships with businesses, industry associations, relevant Government departments and agencies, and other providers of employment and training services
    • Ensuring that the scope of registration for Tursa Employment & Training meets the needs of the organisation and clients
    • Contributing meaningfully and willingly to the overall integration and co-ordination of training with TURSA’s programmes, projects, services, staff, resources, infrastructure, and sites in pursuit of TURSA’s constitutional objectives and Mission Statement.
    The Manager – Training & Development will have a primary role in the successful integration of training and training services into employment services. The incumbent will contribute to the overall linking and co-ordination of training services provided to TURSA clients in all areas of TURSA operations as well as the development and expansion of viable training services as a means to the achievement of employment outcomes for clients.

    The incumbent may also be allocated to special projects or activities, including staff training, and will be required to work closely with Chief Officers as well as other Managers as and when required.

    Travel, including overnight stays, within TURSA’s area of activities will be required.
Duties may include but will not be limited to the following:
  1. Comply with relevant legislation, company policies, codes of conduct, and service standards as available for reference on the TURSA intranet. Non-compliance with relevant legislation, company policies, codes of conduct and service standards will be subject to the performance management process as outlined in the PER018 ‘Human Resource Management Procedures Manual’ located on the TURSA intranet. You are liable to criminal prosecution and/or civil action for any serious threatening, harassing, discriminatory, or bullying behaviour towards others, breaching the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and privacy principles, or undertaking criminal activity.
  2. Under delegated authority, liaise with relevant staff regarding Cluster or industry requirements, taking into consideration factors such as costing estimates and whether within TURSA’s scope of operations, in providing information and advice to the Chief Officers and the Board Delegate, or a person nominated and authorised by the Board of Directors.
  3. Ensure that all requirements prescribed by relevant Standards (including AQF & ASQA), and any Training Services contractual obligations are complied with in the manner and to the standard required.
  4. Ensure the production and on-time submission of reports required by ASQA, NCVER, NSW DEC, QLD DET and other such relevant authorities in accordance with contractual and RTO registration requirements.
  5. Contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of service delivery standards, procedures and best practice customer service with respect to quality service systems and TURSA guidelines.
  6. In collaboration with other Managers, ensure the development, implementation and evaluation of training services/course training calendars including the preparation of funding proposals and budgets on behalf of TURSA.
  7. Ensure efficient investigation, analysis, development, implementation, and monitoring of systems and processes, providing early advice to Chief Officers on any matters requiring attention.
  8. Direct, monitor, evaluate, and review the activities and discharging of responsibilities of the staff allocated for direct supervision within the Training Unit.
  9. Investigate and/or analyse data, systems, and processes to enable prompt identification of any service or programme performance or contractual compliance deficiencies and/or problems, and facilitate action to redress by referral to relevant senior staff.
  10. Prepare, publish and distribute in consultation and collaboration with the relevant others information on employment and training developments, delivery strategies, resources etc., to relevant staff.
  11. Assist senior management in developing, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with Government Departments, community organisations, and other partners in providing activities and relevant training.
  12. Ensure the integrity and appropriateness of data entered into electronic and/or hard copy systems in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.
  13. Produce performance reports as directed, including a report on the numbers, type, and distribution of traineeship training delivered by TURSA.
  14. Access relevant Internet sites, authorised training, and other information sources to maintain knowledge of the protocols, processes, purposes and benefits of programmes, services or client support facilities, for the benefit of clients and Tursa Employment & Training, and to contribute to Professional Development.
  15. Attend relevant meetings as required of stakeholders, providers, or government departments.
  16. Perform such other duties consistent with the general function of the position as required or authorised.
Measurable Outcomes
  1. Contribute to the achievement of programmes’ star ratings and individual role objectives consistent with the TURSA COR099 Business and Strategic Plan 2016-2020.
  2. Establish productive working relationships with TURSA staff (and as and when required, business/employers, job seekers and participants).
  3. Comply with internal and external contractual requirements with low levels of non- compliance evident.
  4. Contribute to active participation in suggestions for improving services and providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Application Procedure:

Applicants must follow the following format in applying for employment:

  1. Address all of the selection criteria in a concise and relevant manner in your letter of application or as a separate (preferred) attachment to your letter of application (no more than ½ page per criterion - just a simple statement of fact as to why you believe you meet the criterion will suffice). Objective, quantitative evidence is desired to support your claims. (NOTE: Your application will not be considered if you do not address the selection criteria.)
  2. Attach a copy of resume with details of three recent, relevant referees, and copies of any qualifications
  3. Please clearly identify your preferred Site(s) or geographical area
  4. Please place a footer on each page of any application letter, resume, and addressing of selection criteria stating your name, date and the position applied for
  5. If preference is to mail application:
    • Post:
      Manager – Human Resources,
      Tursa Employment & Training,
      P.O. Box 241,
      TWEED HEADS NSW 2485

TURSA reserves the right to appoint applicants prior to the closing date.

Medical Examination:

Tursa Employment & Training reserves the right to require applicants to undergo a medical examination before offering employment.

Federal Police and Child Protection Checks:

Successful applicants will be required to undergo Federal Police and relevant State Child Protection Checks before confirmation of employment.

All jobs offers will be subject to satisfactory reference checks.

Tweed Heads and Lismore
Job Info
Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 1
Date Posted: 24/05/2019
Expiry Date: 20/06/2019
Job Type: Full Time
Salary Info
Salary Type: Negotiable