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Are You Job Hunting? It Can Feel Tough – We Get It!
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Here are 5 practical ways TURSA helps you Transition to Work (TtW)
Our Youth Advisors are here to help you get ready for a job.
They make the process fun, engaging and practical.
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Your plan starts by getting to know you, your needs and your wants.

Our Team will chat with you, get to know you and learn about some things you are good at, your interests and hobbies. The goal is to identify the things you can do and build from there.

Of we like to have fun too so lets keep it interesting and fun so, expect to be hands on. Lets’ discover the possibilities that can be opened up for you.

The Fun Stuff
Activity-based learning
connect you to other services that will build on developing your skills even more to help land that job.
Fun workshops that will build your confidence
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Hi About Bfly

Don’t worry if you find your goals and wants change a little as you learn new things. We will adjust your plan to meet your new goals. This plan is about making sure your new job will be the right fit for you and, you will be the right fit for your new job.

The great this is, you can trust more than TURSA. We have years of experience helping young adults find jobs, we know how to support you, encourage you, and work with you to establish your skills, confidence, and career goals.

Through our employer connections, we measure success by having you gain sustainable employment, then providing you with ongoing support until you are settled and comfortable in your new role.

Our team is excited about the possibilities ahead for you! Let’s get started, Call 1800 670 914 Today!

Our goal is to build mutual respect and trust to make sure we connect!


Each time we meet helps us to identify your strengths, skills and interests and discover the best ways to assist you.


By developing practical plans and helpful activities that get you job ready we hope to ignite your awareness of your opportunities ahead.


We deliver activity-based workshops and learning experiences. We help you connect with additional support services to ensue every opportunity is activated for you.


Together we will help you build and focus on your goals. We take each step with you to keep the plans on track and you moving forward.

Personal Support

We assist you until you find sustainable employment and stay with you until you are confident in your new job.

Transition to Work Youth Advisors provide you with support, training, and the assistance you need to find a job. We are here to help you overcome obstacles along the way and keep you focused squarely on your goals.
Where we provide Transition to Work delivery (TtW)
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