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TURSA is a not-for-profit organisation that has a strong focus on employing people capable of and committed to helping others in our community. We aim to auspice, develop and deliver innovative employment and training options to our employees to support them to achieve their career and life goals. As one of Australia’s leading jobactive and Disability Employment Services providers, there are many great reasons to choose to work for TURSA:

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Employee Conditions & Benefits

  • We consider our employees to be the most valuable resource available to us, as such our remuneration, benefits and rewards are above the award rate
  • A 72-hour, 9-day fortnight
  • 12% superannuation
  • 25% annual leave loading
  • $18,450 p.a. of salary available as a tax-free benefit
  • Leave after 3 years’ service available to be taken at half-pay
  • Cashing out of part of accumulated annual leave
  • Payment of untaken personal/sick leave at time of leaving employment with the company
  • Obtaining relevant, accredited qualifications free of cost to you
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Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity

  • TURSA provides an equal employment opportunity workplace, enabling all employees to work in an environment without discrimination against race, colour, ethnic background, gender, religion, and any disability or impairment
  • TURSA aims to maintain an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity, and optimises the opportunity for people with a disability to achieve their full potential as employees
  • TURSA has a disability employment strategy that maintains a sustainable employment equity target of at least 15% employment of people with a disability in our organisation. We currently have exceeded this target which we believe strongly reflects our integrity as an organisation in promoting inclusive employment practices in our local communities
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Core Values

TURSA cultivates an organisational philosophy and set of core values that govern the way we make decisions and carry out activities. These core values foster attributes in our staff in a healthy, happy and efficient work environment. These six values are the basic principles on which TURSA was founded:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • High Performance
  • Openness and Teamwork
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Forward Thinking
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Training & Development

  • TURSA promotes and implements innovative employment and training options to all staff members to support them to achieve their career and life goals
  • TURSA provides a mentor for each new staff member, assisting new employees to feel comfortable, and supported via step by step on the job training
  • TURSA, as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), provides access to a comprehensive range of training solutions and opportunities to its employees

Employment Opportunities

Expire date: 2022-01-28
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If you have questions about any of the vacancies listed or would like to work for TURSA, please complete the Expression of Interest form.
All enquiries are treated confidentially.

Feedback Form

TURSA strives to provide excellent customer service. You may have an idea or suggestion that can help us improve our service to you. If so, we welcome your feedback which you can enter below.
Alternatively, you can download the feedback form and return it to your nearest TURSA centre.
Please note that while your confidentiality will be respected at all times, you need to provide your name and address or contact number if you wish to be contacted about this matter. A response will be made as soon as possible from the relevant Site or Service Manager.

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