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Disability Employment Strategy

Tursa Employment & Training recognises the economic, community and social disadvantage that may be experienced by people with disability.

TURSA has and aims to maintain an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity and optimises the opportunity for people with disability to fulfil their full potential as employees.


This strategy provides for effective support infrastructure to establish a programme of recruitment, training and career development with the objective of maintaining sustainable employment equity of at least 15% representation of people with disability employed within TURSA by the end of 2019.

Strategy Overview

TURSA’s Management and Human Resources team will integrate the Disability Employment Strategy into existing policies and staff learning and development strategies, provide guidance and support, and monitor the overall progress of the Strategy.

An annual report on the implementation and progress of this Strategy will be provided to the TURSA Board of Directors.

The Strategy will have a focus on:

  • The recruitment and retention of people with disability within the organisation
  • Increasing access to employment opportunities
  • Addressing potential barriers to increased participation

For further information contact the Manager – Human Resources at:


  1. Disability aware recruitment processes including removing any barriers that may deter people with disability seeking employment with TURSA
  2. Promote employment opportunities through existing disability networks with support organisations and interagency groups
  3. Promote this strategy through the TURSA website
  4. Provision of appropriate induction training and mentoring
  5. Disability awareness training to be provided to all staff during induction
  6. Ensure all staff receive training in the Disability Discrimination and Human Rights Act
  7. Make appropriate reasonable workplace adjustments, including job redesign, to meet the needs of staff with disability
  8. Conduct regular workplace assessments of all sites to ensure suitable disability access and facilities
  9. Provide appropriate opportunities for career development within Tursa Employment & Training
  10. Provide appropriate accredited and non-accredited training in a supportive learning environment, including the opportunity to achieve Certificate IV in Employment Services
  11. Actively promote and participate in the International Day of People with Disability
  12. Monitoring, recording and reporting to the TURSA Board of Directors on:
    • Recruitment numbers and percentage representation of people with disability
    • Data on retention within the organisation of people with disability