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Indigenous Employment Strategy

Tursa Employment & Training recognises the economic, community and cultural disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

TURSA also identifies the importance of Indigenous employment and the contribution it affords in building a sustainable, local and dedicated workforce.


This strategy provides for effective support infrastructure to establish a program of recruitment, training and career development with the objective of maintaining sustainable employment equity of at least 3% representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people employed within TURSA by 2019.

Strategy Overview

Tursa Employment & Training’s Management and Human Resource team will integrate this Indigenous Employment Strategy into existing HR and staff L & D strategies, provide guidance and support, and monitor the overall progress of the strategy.

Cross cultural awareness training has been provided to give managers and staff an insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures, protocols and contemporary issues. Through deeper understanding of these issues among non-indigenous employees (with Indigenous employees playing a vital role in developing this understanding), TURSA can achieve positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

An annual report on the implementation and progress of this Strategy will be provided to the TURSA Board of Directors


  1. Culturally appropriate recruitment processes, Induction, mentoring and peer support networks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  2. Provide opportunities for progressing employment at all levels for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Tursa Employment & Training
  3. Provide accredited and non-accredited training in a supportive learning environment, including the opportunity to achieve Certificate IV in Employment Services.
  4. Maintain the broad consultation ties between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations, networks and TURSA.
  5. TURSA will have widespread promotion to all staff of Indigenous Employment Opportunities available and incentives from Australian, State and local governments/departments .
  6. Staff and job seekers will be encouraged to participate in and develop community involvement in NAIDOC activities including attending events and appropriate presentations within TURSA offices.
  7. Monitoring, recording and reporting to the TURSA Board of Directors on:
    • Recruitment numbers and percentage representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • Data on retention within the organisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Employment Services Environment

Improving employment outcomes is a key element in providing economic independence, which will address long-term disadvantage experienced by Indigenous people. TURSA plays a significant role in this process by providing employment services and training.

TURSA forms and maintains close links with business and local communities as a leading Employment Services provider and as a Registered Training Organisation.


For further information contact the Manager – Human Resources at: