Rachelle and Daniel photo in front of liberty community bus talking about creating an independent life doing what you love
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 “It’s so rewarding to help the elderly live an independent life”  Daniel’s response when asked about what he loves about his job.

Rachelle – Daniel’s Manager, said:

“He is just lovely, pleasant and shows common sense and initiative, he has become an integral part of the team and I can’t speak highly enough of him”.

We sat down and had a chat to Daniel and this what he had to say.

Tell us a little about your TURSA experience?

”I’m proud of the fact that I had always been able to get interviews on my own – for some reason or another I just never seemed to be able to land the position, While TURSA is the first provider that helped link me with the right employer who created the perfect position for me based on my skills and experience it was certainly the right fit! Liberty is just amazing.

How has work change your outlook on life?

“It’s rewarding to help the elderly live an independent life.

It is good to go somewhere you enjoy going every day, has better financial benefits and it feels good to go home and talk about my day at work with my wife”.

What do you enjoy most about working for Liberty?

“The people here are amazing, so lovely. They were willing to mould a position to my skills and abilities and to have such approachable staff and senior management”.

Daniel holding liberty brochure photo
Photo of Mandi, Rowena and Allen at Liberty Community Connect
Photo of Liberty Buses at meeting where we discussed the benefits of creating an independent life doing what you love
Photo of Liberty Building at Nerang where they create the opportunity to enjoy and independent life
Who is Liberty Community Connect

Well, without reading the brochure and after spending under 30 minutes with CEO Allan, I had a pretty good idea.

They are a passionate, hardworking, driven team that doesn’t just discuss diversity and inclusion; they live it daily.

We were there to talk to a staff member Daniel, and while there, we got the pleasure of chatting with Allan and Rowena.

It’s such an inspiring feeling when you hear the passion, not in words, but the emotions and actions to help others live their best independent lives.

Allan had decided they wanted to attract people with employment challenges and find roles in which they could excel. If that meant a few modifications or a buddy system for an additional sense of support, then so be it.

Allan said, “It is essential that they have their own voice. They need to feel comfortable asking if they need help or can’t adapt, to be empowered, independent and contribute in their own right. They don’t need staff to try to help without asking if it’s needed.

Daniel has proven himself very capable; with a few simple modifications can drive and pick up clients. In the 4 months since he started, he has had various jobs that make him of great value. Daniel also assists in Admin, Domestic services and the Centre. Initially, Daniel wanted an admin role, but after some discussion, he has undertaken a traineeship. A certificate III in independent disability support.

We asked Allan if he recalled the interview when he first met Daniel and how we would describe him. Allan said, “I would call him a very articulate and passionate person; he was driven to find a job with purpose and value. I would also have to say he has an engaging personality and makes a genuine effort to help people; he’s proactive.

Daniel has been very open about the fact he doesn’t consider he has a disability. I would have to agree; he got the job because he can do the job”.

Rowena mentioned that Daniel had been buddied up with Mary, and she describes him “as an absolute hoot”.

Allan said; “they had initially taken on 10 trainees. While challenging, everyone learnt a lot from the exercise. While not all new staff worked out as some did not find the roles the right fit for them, overall, it has been a resounding success.