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TURSA has a deeply embedded culture of community assistance. Our team are selected not only because they have experience and skills but also due to their passion. Determination for what we do—helping people get back on track by providing them with everything from interviews & resume development and training!


Since 1995 TURSA has been assisting participants in regaining their skills and confidence. On the other side of this equation is the assistance we also provide to local business in securing staff, obtaining wage assistance and helping to source funding for worksite modifications where available.


We would like you to meet some of our team and hear a little about why they love working at TURSA and, more importantly, the passion that drives them to assist those in the community to reach their objectives.

Meet Kate

Kate makes every effort to provide comprehensive support

I personally strive to connect our participants with job opportunities that match their interests and skills. I do a lot of cold calls to businesses to find out about potential job openings and opportunities to connect our participants with relevant employers. We provide various support mechanisms to employers, including wage subsidies and assistance with training courses, such as obtaining white cards for traffic control, to ensure that they can successfully onboard our participants into their workforce. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to both our participants and their potential employers to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.

Meet Joe

Nothing satisfies like seeing great outcomes for Participants

Joe is passionate about helping people, and he’s been doing it for years. He started with TURSA providing direct participant support and has done several roles to now working more behind-the-scenes work where his dedication has paid off! Nowadays, you can find Joe working hard to make sure everything runs like clockwork to ensure our processes are working to deliver a quality participant journey. Even though he’s not out in public anymore (at least visibly), his number one priority remains to deliver quality service above anything else daily.

Meet Michelle

Michelle loves working with young people to achieve their dreams and goals

Michelle has a passion for working with young people to discover their talents, goals and dreams. She is committed to helping them achieve success in all aspects of life through supporting them with job searches as well as educational skill development so they can make important decisions on how to best represent themselves when looking at potential employers or future careers

She loves helping young people find what interests them most while also providing guidance along each step towards achieving those aspirations.

Meet William

William chats with Janaya and talks about the right job fit.

William’s advice for helping young people find jobs is simple: show them the potential workplace in practice. Being engaged during employment planning helps employees imagine what each day might look like and motivates them to be more confident about their next step towards getting into work!

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