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Employing People With Disabilities

At TURSA, we have a team of highly experienced staff providing disability recruitment services. The benefits of employing people with disabilities are becoming increasingly well known, with the Australia Government Job Access organisation noting the following:

  • Worker’s compensation costs for people with disability are as low as 4% of the workers’ compensation costs for other employees.
  • Employment costs for people with disability can be as low as 13% of the employment costs for other employees.
  • People with disability generally take fewer days off, take less sick leave, and stay in jobs longer than other workers.
  • Once in the right job, people with a disability perform as well as other employees.
  • People with disability boost staff morale and enhance a sense of teamwork.
  • Hiring people with disability enhances an organisation’s image in the general community.
  • People with disability build strong connections with customers.

TURSA can assist employers hiring people with a disability by providing the following:

  • Access to thousands of TURSA participants with a disability across our network of sites.
  • Support is provided to both the employer and TURSA participant before, during, and after the recruitment process.
  • The Disability Employment Service program provides access to generous wage subsidy support.  Subsidies are funded by the Australian Government and managed by TURSA.
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TURSA Delivers Disability Recruitment:

TURSA has been connecting employers with participants since 1995. We have both extensive experience and a passion for local business and community support. We are a free service for both employers and potential employees. Our commitment is to ensure businesses get the assistance and wage subsidies available and quality staff. We want a Win-Win.

We acknowledge that participants have to manage a disability, and our focus is on aligning their capability and goals with your business requirements.

  1. List your vacancy on our Jobs Board.
  2. Our staff will review your listing and contact you to ensure we fully understand the requirements and your expectations as an employer.
  3. We make your listing live, ensuring the job description aligns with our discussions.
  4. We promote the vacancy on our website, across social media, to our strategic partners and local site offices.
  5. We review the applications carefully against your requirements.
  6. We shortlist suitable applicants.
  7. We make interview rooms available if required.
  8. We assess potential applicants for any skills gaps and provide additional training and job readiness support either before commencement or on the job, if eligible.
  9. We review wage subsidies available and manage them to ensure your employment outlay is minimised.
  10. We ensure workplace modifications are arranged and funded where applicable.
  11. We provide post-placement support to both you and the participant for at least 26 weeks while they settle into the role to support long-term success.
  12. If the match is not ideal, we will engage a replacement applicant for you.
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TURSA Makes The Process Easy:

  • We facilitate wage subsidies and assistance for the employer throughout the whole recruitment journey.
  • We provide on-the-job support to ensure employment sustainability.
  • TURSA facilitates any workplace modifications if required in the workplace.
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Key Benefits To Consider:

  • Productive: People with disabilities perform equally to other employees when placed in the right job.
  • Reliable: People with disabilities stay in jobs longer, take less sick leave, and take fewer days off than other workers.
  • Safe: Workers with disabilities are no more at risk of injury at work than other employees.
  • Affordable: Recruitment costs are lower. TURSA can facilitate any available government wage subsidies and TURSA assistance.
  • Good for business: People with disabilities build strong connections with customers. They boost staff morale and loyalty. Teamwork is enhanced, and costs are lower due to reduced staff turnover, recruitment, and retraining costs. Hiring people with disabilities also adds to the organisation’s overall diversity and builds the company’s image among its staff, community, and customers. When your workforce reflects the community it serves, there is a greater chance of delivering inclusive services to all.
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