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To access the TURSA Jobs Board, you must be a Workforce Australia or Disability Employment registered participant.

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With the TURSA Jobs Board, you can explore listings of job vacancies and look for your ideal job in your local area.

Use our custom filters to seek jobs that match your current skills and experience. Type in Job Titles, Keywords, Locations, Post Codes and/or company names. You can combine any of the above to refine your search further.

If you don’t get a result, don’t despair. Jobs are listed every day, and some may not yet be displayed. Instead, contact your local TURSA office, talk to one of our team about what you are looking for, and let us help get you the job you deserve.

TURSA also offers personalised support with job-ready skills, resume writing and job search skills. So if you find a job you feel is the right fit for you, register your interest today. One of our team will be in contact with you.

SelfHelp is also available. Utilise our resources to help you prepare your application and your interview skills.

Focus on applying for jobs that are a good fit for you, your experience and skills and then put your attention into perfecting your application. That’s where TURSA can also help.

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