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So, What is a Youth Adviser?

Our Youth Advisers are well experienced and qualified. They know the local job market and will help you navigate any challenges you face. Their objective is to make an individual and tailored plan with you, linking you into local support services and ensuring you have the recent work experience and training you need to ensure you are ready to launch into that new job.

Our Youth Advisers are here to help you get ready for a job
They make the process fun, engaging and practical.
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We start with a chat. What are your needs right now? What are your interests, hobbies and what would you really like to achieve.


You may have questions, and we are here to listen and help. This is all about discovering what will work best for you.


We'll build a plan with you, taking you from where you are now to where you want to be, focusing on keeping it exciting and fun. We'll define your goals and the times to achieve them.


Offering practical workshops and short courses to develop workplace skills, including communication, problem solving and teamwork as an example. This training, combined with work experience placements and links to other community services, will help build your knowledge and confidence.


We will constantly review your progress and realign your goals to match your skills to a suitable job and employer. Assist you in developing your interview and resume skills to guide you towards the job you want.


Support you towards sustainable employment and for a further 26 weeks after you start work, we will be there to help you overcome any concerns.

Transition to Work Youth Advisers provide you with support, training, and the assistance you need to find a job. We are here to help you overcome obstacles along the way and keep you focused squarely on your goals.
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