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Leah's Journey

A Story of Resilience and Support

Meet Leah, a resident of Redcliffe who has been on an inspiring journey of personal growth and career development. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of support, and the transformative impact of having a goal and pursuing it relentlessly.

The Beginning

Leah’s journey began when she was working as a support worker, a role that was challenging both physically and mentally. After two years, she left, seeking a change and a more supportive environment. This decision led her to TURSA, a job service provider that offered her the support she felt was lacking in her previous role.

The Turning Point

At TURSA, Leah found more than just a job service provider. She found a partner in Peter, a DEA at TURSA, who became a pillar of support for her. Peter’s assistance ranged from moral support to helping Leah with her resume, making it stand out and opening doors to new opportunities. Leah credits Peter as being the most helpful job service provider she’s ever had, a sentiment that speaks volumes about the level of support and assistance TURSA provides.

The Transformation

With TURSA’s support, Leah’s life began to transform. She moved to Redcliffe, found a new job as a personal care worker at a nursing home, and even bought herself a car. TURSA also provided financial assistance, helping Leah with uniforms, transport, and other work-related expenses.

Leah’s journey didn’t stop there. She continued to seek better opportunities, leading her to a permanent part-time Activities Officer role at Seabrook Aged Care in Deception Bay. This role, which Leah describes as her dream job, allows her to design and practice activities with her clients at the facility, a task she thoroughly enjoys.

The Future

Today, Leah is not just surviving; she’s thriving. She’s enrolled in a Cert IV in Leisure and Health course, which directly relates to her work duties and helps her upskill. She’s maintaining solid work hours and is progressing well through her coursework.

Leah’s story powerfully reminds us that transformation is possible with the proper support and a willingness to strive for your goals. Her journey is a testament to the genuine assistance available at TURSA.

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