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Support Coordination, NDIS and TURSA collaboration

In a recent conversation with TURSA, Belinda Robinson from JB Supports – Support Coordination emphasised the importance of communication, education, collaboration, and wrap-around service provision between support coordinators and job services providers. This collaboration is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome for participants with employment supports in their NDIS plan.

Belinda highlighted a case where a client, despite initial setbacks, remained passionate about working. Through extensive collaboration with various stakeholders, including the client, his support worker, and professionals from TURSA, they were able to understand his needs, preferences, and capabilities. This team effort led to the client feeling supported and involved in his employment journey, fueling his passion even more.

Belinda stressed that collaboration between organizations and support coordinators ensures seamless support and resource access, leading to better opportunities and experiences for everyone involved. 

Here is the Interview 

Belinda Robinson from JB Supports – Support Coordination  

Good morning, Belinda. Thank you for joining us today. After speaking with you briefly at our Caloundra opening, I realised what a fantastic outcome you had to share. Could you please share with our readers your insights on the importance of collaboration and the value someone with a disability brings to the workplace, particularly about their desire and passion to work and have a purpose? 

Belinda: Absolutely. Collaboration is paramount when supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace. One of our recent experiences highlights this beautifully. We had a client who initially found successful work about 12 months ago, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out due to scheduling conflicts. However, his passion and eagerness to work remained strong. He was desperate for an opportunity, constantly expressing his desire to start working again. 

That’s truly inspiring. Can you elaborate on how collaboration played a role in this case? 

Of course. Our team worked closely with various stakeholders to explore new opportunities, including the client himself, his support worker, and other professionals like Shayne and Wade from TURSA. We collaborated extensively to understand his needs, preferences, and capabilities. It was a team effort, with everyone committed to finding the best solution for him. 

It sounds like a concerted effort from all parties involved. How did this collaboration help the client? 

The client felt supported every step of the way. He was involved in decision-making and had a say in his employment journey. This sense of empowerment fueled his passion even more. Moreover, having a support worker by his side gave him the necessary help while he gradually transitioned to independence. It’s a testament to the value of collaboration in creating inclusive work environments. 

Indeed, inclusivity and support go hand in hand. From your perspective, how important is it for organisations to collaborate with support coordinators like yourself? 

Collaboration between organisations and support coordinators ensures seamless support and resource access. By working together, we can use expertise and resources to maximise outcomes for individuals with disabilities. It’s about aligning goals, sharing information, and collectively addressing challenges. Ultimately, it leads to better opportunities and experiences for everyone involved. 

Thank you, Belinda, for sharing your insights on the significance of collaboration and the invaluable contributions of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. 

The pleasure is mine. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this critical topic. 

Collaboration is the key to unlocking greater opportunities for participants seeking improved job outcomes. When Support Coordinators from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and TURSA work together, they create a powerful synergy that enhances the lives of those they serve. By connecting participants to NDIS and other supportsbuilding their capacity, and brokering services aligned with their goals, these collaborative efforts pave the way for success. Let’s champion collaboration, share knowledge, and empower participants on their journey toward meaningful employment. Together, we can make a difference!

Support Coordinatioon Collaboration

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