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The Right Job Service Provider & Employer: A Game Changer!

Choosing the right job service provider can truly be a game changer, transforming your career trajectory and opening doors to numerous opportunities and career paths that align perfectly with your ambitions & aspirations. This is the story of Jordan Sullivan, who discovered his true calling with the invaluable support and guidance of TURSA, a leading Australian job service provider. With TURSA by your side, you too can embark on a journey towards a fulfilling and rewarding career!

Leading Job Service Provider - TURSA

Jordan's Journey: Navigating The Path To An Ideal Employment Services Provider

Jordan had been in retail for about eight years, working in various roles, from bakery shop fronts and all things retail to managerial positions at McDonald’s and Woolworths. Despite his extensive experience, Jordan felt a persistent urge and yearning for change. His trajectory shifted significantly when he connected with TURSA through Centrelink.

From day one, Jordan found a warm and welcoming environment at TURSA. His employment adviser, Rhiannon, took the time to understand his career aspirations. Unlike his previous experiences, TURSA was not just about finding him a job; they were committed to helping him move forward in the desired direction.

The Turning Point In Changing Careers

Rhiannon, with the support of the TURSA team, identified an opportunity for an administration traineeship with Coffs Harbour Support Services. With TURSA’s assistance, Jordan applied for the position, interviewed, and was successful. TURSA also facilitated his certification in Business Administration, providing him with the necessary skills for his new role.

Jordan talks about TURSA being a game changer

Achieving a Fulfilling Outcome with TURSA

Jordan started as a receptionist at Coffs Harbour Support Centre and gradually took on more responsibilities. Today, he holds the title of Reception Administrative and assists almost every department, from finance to HR. He loves what he’s doing and is grateful for the opportunity to try something new.

Words From the Manager

Carol Malcolm, the People and Culture Manager at Coffs Harbour Support Services, appreciates TURSA’s proactive support in making the traineeship work effectively. She commends Jordan’s diligence and is pleased with the quick and successful completion of his traineeship.

The Right Support Makes All the Difference

Jordan’s story is a testament to the power of having the right job service provider by your side. TURSA’s personalised approach and commitment to aligning job seekers with their career aspirations made all the difference in Jordan’s journey.

Carol talking about the efficiently and speed of support from TURSA

Empowering Communities, Enhancing Lives

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Your Turn

Are you ready to take the next step in advancing your career? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact TURSA today and benefit from an employment and job service provider that truly understands, supports & empowers you on your path to success. Your journey towards a supportive and rewarding career begins right now with us by your side! Get in touch with us directly to learn more or visit one of our convenient locations today!

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