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Tursa Employment and Training Can Help You Overcome Any Barrier to Employment
  1. Are you seeking a job that suits your skills, interests, and goals?
  2. Do you face any barriers or challenges that make your job search more difficult?
  3. Do you want to work with an employment provider that cares about you and your career development?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must contact Tursa Employment and Training today. TURSA is not just another job agency. They are your allies in finding your ideal job and overcoming any obstacles along the way + they are a FREE service.

TURSA has over 27 years of experience in delivering employment services to people from different backgrounds, including people with disabilities, young people, mature-age workers, and Indigenous Australians. They understand each individual’s unique needs and preferences and provide personalised support and guidance.

Here are some of the benefits of having TURSA assist:

  • You will have access to a wide range of job vacancies in your local area and online resources and tools to help you with your job search.
  • You will receive assistance in finding, securing, and maintaining employment and accessing skills training and education.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for various incentives and subsidies, such as wage subsidies, work ready assistance, and work trial programs.
  • You will be part of a community that values diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. TURSA has strong connections with local employers, organisations, and support services that can help you with personal and professional development.
Job Seach Confidence - Break free of the barriers

Regardless of your barrier, TURSA can help you find a solution. TURSA can provide the support and resources you need to overcome them.

Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your opportunity to work. Contact Tursa Employment and Training today and discover how they can help you find your next job. Visit their website or call them on 1800 670 914. Your future starts with TURSA.

Ben standing in front of Coles story about how he manages his disability

Living with Disability

Ben’s story is one of inspiration. He has dealt with anxiety and shyness in the past, but through hard work and dedication, he has been able to manage these challenges and make living with his disability easier to manage.

Finding the right employer was essential for Ben. He needed to find an organization that understood his strengths and can provide him with opportunities to grow.

Ben’s first two jobs involved food. Ben explained that he intensely disliked handling food from a very early age. Living with anxiety, Ben was working in a fast-food environment! Ben managed to stick to the role for 6 months but knew working in a fast-food customer service was not the right fit for him long term.

Mum Sue said, “Ben had tried numerous other support providers around town. He did not feel he was getting the support he needed. He decided to try TURSA and since meeting Kim, has not looked back.”


Gns Tursa (2)

Gaining Confidence

Since joining TURSA, Ben has found an enjoyable job that suits his skillset and interests. He works in a team environment where he feels supported by his managers. His favourite thing about his job is having a sense of control, and calm where he can work systematically. Ben said, “Because I need structure and order in my life, Coles is working out really well. I enjoy a role where I can be organised, paid regularly, and pay my bills. As a result, I feel far more relzed and in control of my life and how I spend my time.”


With the right support, Ben now is excelling in his role.


Ben found that TURSA not only provided him with the training he needed for work, but also the confidence to look for and move into a more suitable role. He is now working at Coles in Grafton as a night filler and says that he feels much more confident in his abilities. His goal is to provide the best night-filling work in-store.

Ben’s experience shows that TURSA can not only help with the technical aspects of finding a job, but also with the softer skills like building confidence. If you’re feeling stuck in your job search, remember that TURSA is here to help!


Are you looking for support to achieve your goals?

If like Ben, you are looking for a job that suits you contact us at TURSA we are here for you!


Girl standing in front of butterfly with text that says landing that first job... here's tip #1
How to Identify your Strengths and Skills

Identifying your skills and strengths can be a helpful exercise to better understand yourself and guide your career or personal development.

This FREE step-by-step guide with additional resource links to help you identify your skills and strengths:

Identify your strengths - Tursa employment. picture of guy in warehouse smiling
Draw on Past Experience

Reflect on your experiences: 

Think about the tasks and activities you have done in the past, whether in your personal life, school, or work. What did you enjoy doing? Things you learnt quickly or excelled in?  Start writing them down

Free Checklist Download 

Quickly identify what areas you can align to things you have done in your past, team captain, debate team, sports, work etc.

Person sitting at a table writing down a list of their skills and strengths
Transferable Skills

Make a list of your skills: Write down as many skills as you can think of, both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are specific abilities or knowledge that are often technical, such as programming or financial analysis. Soft skills are more general and relate to how you interact with others, such as communication or leadership.

Take this FREE Quiz

Quick and easy, select the picture on each screen that most applies to you and, you will get a guide of your strengths and skills to add to your resume.

Image showing core value such as principles, culture, conduct, integrity, ethics
Consider your Values

Reflect on your experiences: 

What is important to you? What motivates you? Your values can often be a strong indicator of your strengths, as they are often closely aligned.  Start writing them down



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Seek Feedback

 Ask friends, family, colleagues, or mentors for their perspective on your skills and strengths. They may be able to provide valuable insight that you may not have considered.

Practice & Develop your Skills and Strengths

Now that you have identified your skills and strengths, consider ways to continue developing them. This could be through taking classes, volunteering, or seeking out new opportunities that allow you to use and grow these skills.

Sometimes you have to look at things a little deeper to find your strengths. Unexpected praise for something you didn’t put much effort into could be a sign. So could a compliment buried within a criticism. If people talk your ear off, you might be a good listener. If people consistently come to you for advice, you might be a good leader or problem-solver.

Life has a way of showing you your strengths if you pay attention.

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Practive & Develop your Skills and Strengths

By going through this process, you should have a better understanding of your skills and strengths, which can help you make informed decisions about your career and personal development.

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