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Collaboration Between TURSA and Strategic Partners Paves the Way for Career Success.

In pursuing personal and professional growth, individuals often encounter challenges and uncertainties. With collaboration between service providers and trainings doors open.

Victoria’s path from post-school uncertainty to a thriving career in aged care showcases the impactful collaboration between TURSA, a job service provider, and key partners like NV College and NVC Group.

NV College Doorway story is about collaboration between NVC and TURSA
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Victoria talks about finding her career pathway after attending steps towards work

I spent the first 12 months with TURSA looking at options and trying to find my way. It wasn't until I did their Steps Towards Work Program that I discovered my career passion.

Victoria candidly shared her initial struggles with post-school uncertainty.

However, her fortunes changed when she joined TURSA’s Steps Towards Work” program, a three-day initiative to help participants explore career paths. During this program, she was introduced to Enrico from NVC Group, who highlighted the opportunities in aged care and their Care Ready course.


The collaboration between TURSA and NV College became evident as Victoria progressed through the Care Ready course, providing her with essential skills and a taste of the industry. The collaborative effort was not just about coursework; it extended to practical experiences, such as Victoria’s time at Autumn Lodge, and as a result she gained hands-on experience feeding residents.

Discussions with Chris, Victoria’s TURSA employment advisor, shed light on the ongoing support provided to individuals like Victoria. Chris emphasised the importance of the relationship between job service providers and training organisations, praising the seamless coordination that enables participants to find direction and pursue educational opportunities.

Career Gateway Through Collaboration

The involvement of NV College in the process was crucial. The “Steps Towards Work” program served as a gateway, exposing participants to potential careers. The collaborative approach between the college and NVC Group allowed Victoria to progress from short courses to a Certificate III in Individual Support. This resulted in gaining a traineeship offer from NVC Group at Riverside Gardens.

Kylie, a passionate staff member from NVC Group, highlighted the significance of early exposure to industry realities. The college’s partnerships with industry players, including NVC Group, allowed students like Victoria to explore their interests and make informed career decisions.

Career Doors Open with Collaboration

Further insights came from discussions with Victoria’s prospective employer at Riverside Gardens. During a speed interview, the employer admired Victoria’s eagerness to learn and emphasized the comprehensive support network at Riverside Gardens.  This resulted in Victoria being offered a Traineeship in her dream career.   The collaboration extended beyond job placement, encompassing ongoing support and transportation assistance.

In conclusion, Victoria’s journey illustrates the positive outcomes that result from a well-established collaboration between job service providers, training organizations, and employers. The collective effort, from skills development to job placement and ongoing support, showcases the potential for collaboration to be a driving force in transforming lives and steering individuals towards successful careers.

NVC Group Brochure - Collaboration - TURSA and NV College

Working Together Gets Results

TURSA Partners with Employers, and local Service Provides to ensure great outcomes
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