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TURSA Employment & Training Participant Amy Jarrett, Nominated for Regional Award and Inspires Others

Chris from TURSA and Amy a TURSA participant. Talk Face and Focus

Finding Her Focus 

In a heartwarming success story, Amy Jarrett, a TURSA Employment & Training participant, has overcome significant obstacles and turned her life around to achieve remarkable success. Amy, a single mother of three children, sat down for an interview to share her journey and challenges before seeking assistance from TURSA.

Several years ago, Amy battled addiction, which consumed most of her life, making it extremely difficult to hold down a job or accomplish her goals. However, a life-changing moment occurred when she found strength in her faith. With newfound determination, Amy embarked on her path to recovery and self-improvement.

Chris and Amy share their job of the success achieved.

Being Open to Support

When Amy came to TURSA, she candidly shared her struggles and past experiences with addiction. The organization, known for its supportive and non-judgmental approach, embraced Amy’s openness and provided her with the necessary resources to facilitate her journey towards employment.

The process began with a face-to-face interview where Amy discussed her credentials, past experiences, and aspirations for the future. TURSA’s team recognized her potential and helped her explore new career opportunities beyond the cleaning jobs she had done in the past. Additionally, they offered training options tailored to her needs, building her confidence and competence for the job market.

A Pivotal Moment

One of the pivotal moments in Amy’s journey was the assistance she received from her training company, NVC (Nambucca Valley College). Amy completed her Certificate III in Individual Support and then secured employment with Nambucca Valley Care working with aged care and over 50’s village residents.

 Achieved an Award

NVC nominated her for the prestigious Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of the Year award, recognizing her outstanding achievements and perseverance. Amy’s dedication and hard work paid off when she won the regional award, an achievement celebrated by her entire support network at TURSA.

Amy winning award

Amy Won Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of the Year Award!

Amy’s triumph didn’t stop there. Amy has moved on to a new role at Community Gateway and, as a regional winner, now has the opportunity to compete in the state round of the awards. Amy will face a panel of judges to deliver a 10-minute presentation on her life, motivations, and journey into her chosen industry. If successful, Amy will also become an ambassador for vet training, inspiring and mentoring high school students.

Amy Jarrett Award

Speaking of Amy’s progress, Chris, a member of the TURSA team, expressed immense pride in her achievements. Chris has been working with Amy since her journey began at TURSA. She witnessed Amy’s determination to succeed, dedication to completing her course and securing a job. Despite facing housing instability at one point, Amy remained resilient, and her perseverance was rewarded with a brand-new home to rent.

Chris from TURSA

Amy's story is a potent reminder that one can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges with the proper support, determination, and faith. TURSA Employment & Training continues to be a beacon of hope for individuals like Amy, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. As Amy moves forward to the state round of the awards, the entire community stands behind her, cheering for her success and inspired by her strength. Amy's journey is a testament to the positive impact that organisations like TURSA can have on individuals' lives and the importance of providing support and understanding to those seeking a second chance.

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