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Are you a not-for-profit organisation or a government organisation?

Employers wishing to access work for the dole participants must be not-for-profit organisations.

You must be able to provide work-like activities for participants. This will require supervision and on-the-job training, and monitoring of their attendance. As will all workers at your business, you will need to ensure activities also meet all relevant health and safety requirements. The participant receives income support and assistance from TURSA during the Work for Dole period. TURSA will also ensure that participants complete any necessary training before commencing and resolving any issues. Funding is also available to offset some of the costs of hosting a Work for the Dole activity.

Some of the suitable activities.

  • Gardening or maintenance
  • Computer Graphics Work
  • Animal or Wildlife Shelter Activities
  • Retail Work
  • Rehabilitation of Public Parks
  • Office Administration
  • Warehouse Duties.
  • Rolls such as child care, preschools, elderly or vulnerable people care are not allowed.

You can engage one or multiple work for the dole participants. Still, the places cannot replace paid work positions or involve tasks usually undertaken by a paid employer.

This includes casual and part-time employees or impacting average overtime and regular hours of paid work.

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