Leah from TURSA standing and smiling in McDonalds talking about best employment outcomes for Martyn

Dedication & Hard Work Pays Off

Leah, a Disability Employment Advocate at TURSA, shared with us her passion for her work and her sense of satisfaction when she was able to secure a positive outcome for Martyn. During the conversation, Leah’s face lit up with a genuine smile, demonstrating her commitment to her role. In addition, her dedication to working with employers to find suitable employment for Martyn showcases the exceptional work done by the entire TURSA team. 

Working with Martyn, Leah secured a best employment outcome, this in turn has been life changing for him.  We share his story below 

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Martyn got the best employment outcome now working at McDonalds and smiling in his uniform
Best Outcomes start with Perserverence

Martyn, a man who faced challenges from meningitis as a baby, had been working as a volunteer at Currumbin Sanctuary for 11 years before COVID hit and he found himself at a loss.

Despite his limitations in speech and fine motor skills, he was determined to find paid work for the first time in his life.

Leah, his Disability Employment Advocate, worked tirelessly with him, using reverse marketing tactics to showcase Martyn’s strengths and value as an employee. They walked around to pet stores, nurseries, and vets, handing out Martyn’s resume. 

Hard Work Paid Off

As a result, their hard work paid off.  A new franchise owner took over a local McDonald’s and expressed interest in diversifying their workforce. 

Leah submitted Martyn’s resume and highlighted his reliability and punctuality. In November, Martyn got the job, he couldn’t be happier! He’s been working in the maintenance team, cooking fries, keeping the place looking clean and fresh and helping customers with touch screen ordering. His employer is thrilled with him and he’s loving every minute of it.

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"Everyone Loves Martyn Here"

Tyson, a shift manager at McDonalds Murwillumbah, recently gained a valuable team member in Martyn. Despite the restaurant losing staff due to them leaving school and moving forward with their life choices, Martyn’s arrival has been an enormous asset with his ability to handle multiple jobs such as pre-close work, wash-up, fries and restocking. Not only is he efficient, but he’s also helped maintain the cleanliness of the front of the restaurant. 

Significant Improvement from school to work

Tyson shared that he and Martyn actually went to school together and that Martyn was a year ahead. He wasn’t aware Martyn had secured employment at Mcdonalds’ and was happy to see him form part of the team. Tyson said, “I’ve seen a significant improvement in Martyn’s communication skills and ability to fit in with the team. Everyone at the restaurant has come to appreciate having Martyn around, and his positive impact is undeniable.

Martyn and Tyson standing in front of the McCafe sign in McDonalds Murwillumbah
"TURSA Support is Evident"

TURSA’s support has been instrumental in helping Martyn excel in his role at our restaurant. As a manager, it’s a huge relief to have someone like Martyn who is always punctual, 10 minutes early and takes the initiative by asking what tasks need doing and where. He’s also always impeccably dressed, which is a big deal for us. He is a great employee, and Martyn’s positive attitude towards work is contagious. Even when faced with tasks like washing dishes or changing bins, which can be unpleasant, he approaches them with a smile. 

Having Martyn on our team has been a positive experience for our entire team and me as a manager. Definitely a best employment outcome. His work ethic and attitude inspire our younger staff, and it’s a reminder that anyone can succeed in their chosen field, regardless of their challenges. Martyn is a valuable support for our team and a role model for others. Overall, having Martyn on our team has been a huge benefit, and we feel lucky to have him.”

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