Transitioning from school to work can be a challenging and daunting experience for many young people, particularly in the Southeast Queensland region. However, with the proper support and resources, young adults can successfully navigate this transition and set themselves up for a successful future.
A critical aspect of this transition is ensuring that young people have access to quality skill, education and training opportunities. 

Transition to Work Program

The Transition to Work program is a government-funded initiative designed to help 14-24-year-olds in Australia make a successful transition from education to employment. The program provides a range of services to support young people in developing the skills and experience they need to secure and maintain employment. Including job readiness training, mentoring, and work experience placements. The program also supports employers in helping recruit and retain young people through incentives and other measures. Delivered by Tursa Employment and Training who work closely with young people and employers to ensure that the program supports both needs. Aiming to help young people overcome barriers to employment, such as a lack of work experience or low levels of education, and to improve their chances of securing a job.

Practical Assistance

Another critical aspect of the transition to work is providing young people with support and guidance in finding and securing employment. This can include assistance with resume writing, job searching, and interviewing skills. Additionally, TURSA offers to mentor and coaching programs, which provide young people with a role model or coach who can offer guidance and advice on the job search process.
In addition to education and employment support, it is also essential to provide young people with access to other resources and services to help them succeed. This can include financial assistance, counselling, mental health and well-being support.D

In Southeast Queensland, TURSA has three locations dedicated to helping young people transition to work.

Located at:

  • Beenleigh – Corner Stockyard Lane & Intercity Circuit, 7-13 Intercity Cct, Beenleigh 4207
  • Woodridge – Floor 2, 6 Ewing Road, Woodridge QLD 4114
  • Capalaba – 9/39 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba 4157

Transitioning to work can be a complex and challenging experience for many young people. Still, with the proper support and resources, they can successfully navigate this transition and set themselves up for a successful future.

In conclusion 

Transition to Work is a crucial step in the life of young people between the ages of 14-24, and TURSA offers a variety of programs and resources to help them succeed. There are initiatives to assist youth in this crucial transition from education and training opportunities to employment support and other resources. It is essential to take advantage of these resources and support systems to help young people reach their full potential and be successful in the workforce.