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Jack – Finding Freedom: Overcoming Struggles and Embracing Change

In a candid conversation in Lismore, we sit down with Jack, a resilient individual whose life took a transformative turn at TURSA. Jack opened up about his battles with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, shedding light on his remarkable journey from isolation to finding freedom and purpose from his barriers.

Depression, anxiety and dependency

Before Jack found his way to TURSA, his life was marked by heavy depression, anxiety, and a relentless struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Forced to move back home due to life’s circumstances, Jack found solace, but it was only upon reaching TURSA that his outlook took an upward turn and he began finding freedom.

A Turning Point

His encounter with Stacy at TURSA became a turning point. Jack vividly recalls the initial meeting having a positive progression in only a few minutes.  It laid the foundation for a pathway that met Jack’s needs. The prospect of rehab crossed his mind initially, but after just one week, the transformative experience at TURSA, mainly working at the showgrounds, made him reconsider.

Work for the Dole

Jack’s requirement to undertake Work for the Dole program, marked the beginning of his journey to recovery. Impressively, within eight weeks, Jack’s dedication and strong work ethic not only earned him connections but also opportunities. The president and vice president of the Show Society recognised his potential, leading to an offer to work as the head traffic controller for significant events.


Newfound Interest

Reflecting on his experience, Jack expresses a newfound interest in pursuing a career as a traffic controller. He discusses upcoming courses and potential paths, highlighting the positive impact of the opportunities presented to him.

As Jack narrates his story, it becomes evident that his struggle with anxiety has significantly diminished. Jack was previously unable to make eye contact or construct proper sentences, so he attributes his transformation to stepping out of his comfort zone. The experience at the showgrounds helped overcome much of his public anxiety and build his confidence, allowing him to communicate and work effectively with others.


Jack has found his calling at the Lismore Showgrounds as a traffic controller for race events

Staying Aware – A Conscious Effort

Acknowledging the ongoing need for awareness, Jack emphasises the conscious effort required to prevent a regression into past struggles. Despite facing challenges, he finds solace in his work, particularly at the showgrounds, where he thrives in a physical and social environment.

Jack envisions further growth, with Saturdays at the showground providing paid work and the rest of the week dedicated to volunteering. He plans to obtain his RSA and RCG for additional job opportunities. The supportive network at TURSA, and especially from Trev, ensures Jack’s continued involvement in significant events, boosting his confidence and motivation.

Stacy – Jack’s Employment Adviser

In a brief conversation with Stacy, Jack’s Employment Adviser, it becomes clear that Jack’s journey is a testament to the effectiveness of TURSA’s proactive approach.

Stacy highlights Jack’s initial timidness and anxiety, emphasising the positive impact of working collaboratively to overcome barriers. She encourages other individuals like Jack to reach out, they do not have to struggle alone, assuring them that TURSA is here to help, not hinder.

Finding Freedom through Resilience, Support and that First Step

Jack’s story at TURSA exemplifies the power of resilience, support, and the transformative impact of seizing opportunities. His journey sends a powerful message – it’s okay to seek help, and with the proper support, positive change is not only possible but achievable.

Both Stacey and Jack had a message they wanted to share:

Sailfish Catamaran help build dreams

Sailfish Catamarans & TURSA share this heartwarming story. Demonstrating through partnerships young people can discover their future career. Sailfish Catamaran’s dedication to apprenticeships in partner with TURSA help to transform the lives of young talent and create an environment where they can flourish.

Commitment to Empowerment

Sailfish Catamaran believe that every individual possesses untapped potential waiting to be discovered.  All in All their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment has built a partnership with TURSA that spans many years.   

Meet Tjundamarra “TJ”:

One such inspiring individual is TJ, a proud Indigenous man with an unwavering passion for welding and boiler making. His journey with Sailfish Catamaran is a testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships.  As a result, he was happy to briefly shares his experience in the video below about his job and study at TAFE.

The Sailfish Catamaran Difference:

Take pride in crafting not just catamarans, but also dreams and opportunities. Their partnership with TURSA enables them to identify and mentor young talents like TJ through structured apprenticeships.  Above all, they’re not only building high-quality catamarans but also nurturing the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

TURSA: Bridging the Gap:

TURSA plays a pivotal role in employment collaboration, acting as a bridge between aspiring apprentices and companies like Sailfish Catamaran. Their comprehensive training programs, support, and employment opportunities empower young individuals to explore their full potential.

Transformative Apprenticeships:

Sailfish’s philosophy aligns with ours – the belief in the transformative power of supported employment and apprenticeships. By providing young people with the tools and mentorship they need to develop their skills and find a sense of purpose, TURSA is actively contributing to the growth of local workforce and communities.

TJ’s Story:

TJ’s journey with Sailfish Catamaran has been nothing short of remarkable. He’s not just welding and crafting; he’s creating dreams on the water.  He’s finding his confidence, his voice and his talent Being part of a team that values his heritage, skills, and aspirations has allowed him to flourish in his role.

Joining Forces to Create Opportunities:

The story of TJ and Sailfish Catamaran demonstrates what can be achieved when innovative companies and community-focused organisations come together. We celebrate the diversity and talent that Indigenous youth bring to the workforce and are committed to continuing our mission of empowering the next generation of skilled workers.

So, the next time you see a Sailfish Catamaran out on the water, remember that it represents more than just a boat. It’s a symbol of hope, an emblem of opportunity, and a testament to the incredible transformation that occurs when communities and companies join forces.

Stay Connected:

To stay updated on our journey of empowerment and innovation, follow us on social media, @tursajobs and keep an eye out for more inspiring stories like TJ’s. Together, we can create a brighter future for all one job at a time.

Michael’s Inspiring Story:  Finding Future with TURSA’s Assistance

Let’s talk about Michael, who faced big challenges but never gave up. With TURSA’s support, he turned things around and made a bright future for himself.

Finding Future

Before TURSA came into his life, Michael had a lot of health problems including a neurological disorder, bulging discs, trapped nerves, and fibromyalgia. These made it hard for him to move around and do things. But when TURSA entered the picture and began to present options and possibilities, things started to change and helped Michael to find his future.

Michael’s spirit remained undaunted in the face of adversity. A former rigour and painter, he faced the daunting task of redefining his career path to align with his unique circumstances. The journey was a challenging one, a testament to his unyielding perseverance.

“I was unsure if I could ever regain my footing. My marriage had dissolved, and a future seemed distant,” recounts Michael, echoing the resilience that fortified his resolve.

Finding Time

TURSA emerged as the guiding beacon that illuminated Michael’s path to transformation. Under their consistent guidance, Michael unearthed latent talents and transferrable skills, rekindling a sense of purpose that had long been eclipsed. Through months of exploration, he unveiled his new future within the disability sector – a choice that would rewrite the script of his life in profound ways.

Today, Michael has continued to develop his future as an independent caregiver, tending to the needs of a quadriplegic man with an outpouring of empathy and commitment. His daily routine, from hygiene upkeep to household management and gardening, symbolizes an indomitable spirit that knows no bounds.

“I’ve discovered a renewed sense of purpose, working in a realm where my efforts make a genuine impact,” beams Michael, pride emanating from every word.

Yet Michael’s journey doesn’t stop here. With a heart full of resolve, he is poised to embrace a new chapter with Get Going Support, broadening his horizons to include more extensive community involvement and engagement. His story embodies the harmonious partnership between personal dedication and the steadfast assistance of organisations like TURSA.

Finding Inspiration

Michael’s testament not only showcases his unwavering dedication but also underscores the vital role of TURSA as a cornerstone of support. Together, their collective efforts have facilitated his finding future, illuminating a pathway for others facing similar challenges.

To those who seek inspiration, look no further than Michael’s journey. Reach out to TURSA, and together, we can surmount adversity, crafting a tapestry of success where determination is met with unwavering support.

Not all Barriers Are Visible

However, TURSA's support shines bright!

Adam Overcomes Challenges to Find Work with TURSA’s Help

Sunshine Coast Resident Empowered by TURSA‘s Support on Journey to Employment Maroochydore, July 31 –

Facing and Conquering

Adam, has faced and conquered the difficulties presented by his disabilities to find a fulfilling job. Thanks to the unwavering assistance from TURSA, a respected disabilities support provider in the area.

Adam’s job search was uncertain when he moved to the Sunshine Coast, fearing that his disabilities might limit his options. However, a fortunate encounter with a sign for TURSA changed his life’s direction. Curious about his possibilities, Adam registered with TURSA and met Paul and Carl. They became his mentors throughout his employment journey.

Job that suits

Adam’s main goal was to find a job that suited his abilities and allowed him to manage his injuries effectively. Paul and Carl worked closely with Adam. They assessed his capabilities, searched for suitable job hours, and placements that accommodated his unique circumstances.

Determination pays dividends

Although Adam explored various fields like boat building and aged care, his passion for caregiving was his goal. Unfortunately, balance issues caused by his injury prevented him from becoming a support worker. Determined to find the right fit, TURSA’s team continued searching.  Finally they found a general hand position at a well-known holiday resort in Noosa.

In his new role, Adam handles various tasks, from cleaning windows to maintaining gardens, and even leading the maintenance team. This opportunity gave him the freedom to work at his own pace while showing his dedication and hard work, earning praise from his employers.

Breaking job records

Even after more than a year of employment, Adam still receives encouragement from TURSA, showing their commitment to his journey. Adam’s triumphant return to the workforce is a personal achievement and a testament to his hard work and TURSA’s dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities. After a gap of five and a half years, Adam’s current job is the longest he’s held in two decades, demonstrating the impact of finding meaningful employment.

“I can work at my own pace. I put in hard work, and my employers are happy with me, I believe,” says Adam, expressing pride in his journey.

As an inspiring story of determination and resilience, Adam’s experience brings hope to others facing similar challenges. TURSA’s unwavering support and patient guidance have been crucial in Adam’s journey to triumph over adversity.

Adam offers heartfelt advice to others in a similar position:

“When you’re ready, go see the team at TURSA. They’ll help you find a good job.”

Adam’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of support, proving that with proper guidance and determination, individuals can overcome disabilities and create a brighter future.   If you need help navigating Disability Employment Services take the first step by reaching out to TURSA for friendly and helpful advice

Meeting Lisa was energizing  

It was immediately obvious that she was a bundle of anticipation and energy.  We sat down for a chat to get a little better understanding about where Lisa had come from and more excitedly where she is going and how she was overcoming barriers to begin rebuilding her life.

The Before:

Interviewer: Hi Lisa, tell me about your environment before joining TURSA and how long it has been since you last worked. What were your barriers to employment?
Lisa: I’ve been with TURSA for around ten years. I used to live in the Northern Rivers but faced challenges due to a problematic relationship and having my kids taken away. The team at Ballina TURSA helped me get into rehab because of my substance abuse issue. After that, they supported me in finding work. When I moved to the Sunny Coast, I sought their help again, knowing they understood my situation well.
Interviewer: That’s great to hear how TURSA has been there for you and built that trust. Can you share what TURSA has done for you since you joined them here on the Sunshine Coast? How did they assist you in finding work, and what kind of support did they provide?

The During:

Lisa: TURSA listened to my work experiences and skills and understood when I needed someone to talk to. My primary contact, Wade, has become more than a support person; he’s like a friend.
Interviewer: It must be a relief to have a supportive team like that. How else did thy assist? Where there any courses or training they assisted you with?
Lisa: TURSA helped me with my resume, as I had a long gap between jobs and it needed some clarification.  They have been supportive and encouraging throughout.
Interviewer: That’s great to hear. Wade and the team sound amazing. How long have you been with TURSA here in Maroochydore?
Lisa: I’ve been with them since September 22, almost a year.
Interviewer: And how has it been for you between then and now work wise?
Lisa: I’ve been doing odd jobs, nothing formal or stable.

Fear of Failure Is Aways There

Lisa was very candid about her fears and concerns.  She recognised she needed help and was open and honest about her needs to keep moving forwards.

It's not just about now, it's about knowing that the future support is there also to help you stay on track and knowing they will pick you up if you fall.

The Result:

Interviewer:  I hear you literally just got some exciting news before coming here to talk to me today?  What was that?

Lisa: Yes, I’m starting a full-time role and it feels incredible.  It’s actually a 2IC role in a local business which I wasn’t expected so I’m both excited and a little terrified!

Interviewer: Wow, that’s brilliant, obviously they have faith in your confidence and ability. So life’s about to improve now that you’ve landed a full-time role, right?

Lisa: Yes, starting a full-time role feels incredible. I’ll finally be able to achieve the things I’ve wanted for so long. Turns out building the life is possible, and I’m excited about the opportunity.

Interviewer: That’s a fantastic outlook! How do you think this new job will impact your life?

Lisa: It will help me work towards my goals and feel proud. TURSA‘s support makes me feel like I’m not alone on this journey, which means a lot to me.

Interviewer: It’s beautiful to see you so positive and motivated.  Wade mentioned you were awarded employee of the month March 2023.  Great work and thank you for sharing your story with us, Lisa!

Lisa: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Interviewer: You’re welcome. Best of luck with your new job!

We can be our own worst enemy!

TURSA really took the time with me to help me discover my self-worth.

Here's Lisa's advice to you!

Let all your walls down, they are there to catch you when you need it!

Pushing through challenges with unwavering determination while staying true to her goals and being open about her past, makes the process of working with Lisa incredibly inspiring and rewarding, Lisa embodies resilience and authenticity. . . Wade - TURSA
Don't be afraid to seek help

Lisa’s rebuilding journey serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that seeking help and support can have in times of uncertainty. When faced with challenges in both her personal and professional life, Lisa found herself at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take. However, her decision to reach out to TURSA proved to be a turning point that led to a positive outcome.

With TURSA’s dedicated team, Lisa received the guidance and tools she needed to navigate through obstacles and discover her true potential. Not only did she acquire essential job-ready skills, but she also found a compassionate support system that provided encouragement and understanding during her journey.

The positive outcomes in Lisa’s life are a testament to the significance of embracing support and trusting the process. It is a powerful lesson that resonates with everyone facing challenges. As readers, we are reminded that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step towards growth and self-discovery.

Remember, you are not alone in your journey. TURSA who are committed to supporting you. Their expertise and care can be the catalyst that propels you towards a brighter future.

Take action today. Reach out, seek support, and unlock your true potential. The path to a brighter future awaits you.


TURSA Employment & Training Participant Amy Jarrett, Nominated for Regional Award and Inspires Others

Chris from TURSA and Amy a TURSA participant. Talk Face and Focus

Finding Her Focus 

In a heartwarming success story, Amy Jarrett, a TURSA Employment & Training participant, has overcome significant obstacles and turned her life around to achieve remarkable success. Amy, a single mother of three children, sat down for an interview to share her journey and challenges before seeking assistance from TURSA.

Several years ago, Amy battled addiction, which consumed most of her life, making it extremely difficult to hold down a job or accomplish her goals. However, a life-changing moment occurred when she found strength in her faith. With newfound determination, Amy embarked on her path to recovery and self-improvement.

Chris and Amy share their job of the success achieved.

Being Open to Support

When Amy came to TURSA, she candidly shared her struggles and past experiences with addiction. The organization, known for its supportive and non-judgmental approach, embraced Amy’s openness and provided her with the necessary resources to facilitate her journey towards employment.

The process began with a face-to-face interview where Amy discussed her credentials, past experiences, and aspirations for the future. TURSA’s team recognized her potential and helped her explore new career opportunities beyond the cleaning jobs she had done in the past. Additionally, they offered training options tailored to her needs, building her confidence and competence for the job market.

A Pivotal Moment

One of the pivotal moments in Amy’s journey was the assistance she received from her training company, NVC (Nambucca Valley College). Amy completed her Certificate III in Individual Support and then secured employment with Nambucca Valley Care working with aged care and over 50’s village residents.

 Achieved an Award

NVC nominated her for the prestigious Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of the Year award, recognizing her outstanding achievements and perseverance. Amy’s dedication and hard work paid off when she won the regional award, an achievement celebrated by her entire support network at TURSA.

Amy winning award

Amy Won Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of the Year Award!

Amy’s triumph didn’t stop there. Amy has moved on to a new role at Community Gateway and, as a regional winner, now has the opportunity to compete in the state round of the awards. Amy will face a panel of judges to deliver a 10-minute presentation on her life, motivations, and journey into her chosen industry. If successful, Amy will also become an ambassador for vet training, inspiring and mentoring high school students.

Amy Jarrett Award

Speaking of Amy’s progress, Chris, a member of the TURSA team, expressed immense pride in her achievements. Chris has been working with Amy since her journey began at TURSA. She witnessed Amy’s determination to succeed, dedication to completing her course and securing a job. Despite facing housing instability at one point, Amy remained resilient, and her perseverance was rewarded with a brand-new home to rent.

Chris from TURSA

Amy's story is a potent reminder that one can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges with the proper support, determination, and faith. TURSA Employment & Training continues to be a beacon of hope for individuals like Amy, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. As Amy moves forward to the state round of the awards, the entire community stands behind her, cheering for her success and inspired by her strength. Amy's journey is a testament to the positive impact that organisations like TURSA can have on individuals' lives and the importance of providing support and understanding to those seeking a second chance.

Helen's Journey at RSPCA OpShop - A Story of Transformation, Support and rebuilt Confidence

Hello, Can you introduction yourself for our readers?

  • Helen: Yes, my name’s Helen. I work at the RSPCA Opt Shop at Stones Corner.

How long have you been there?

  • Helen: I’ve been there for roughly about six months now.

What do you love about your job?

  • Helen: It’s the excellent team and the management. They have given me a good intake into running the store and have always been there for me.

What’s your current role?

  • Helen: I’m the RSPCA OpShop manager in Stones Corner, and I love it. It’s a beautiful job.

Have you always been the manager?

  • Helen: No, I started about six months ago, on December 5th. I started as a regular staff member and was promoted to manager.

How do you find dealing with the public?

  • Helen: I enjoy interacting with the public. It’s rewarding when customers turn around and say what a beautiful shop we have and how much it has changed over these months. Knowing that the money we raise goes directly to needy animals makes my day.

Can you tell me about your background before the RSPCA?

“I was a mum and a grandma but personally, I was feeling insignificant and very low.”
  • Helen: Before the RSPCA, I was a mom and a grandma. While I felt like I had important roles in the world, I also felt down and insignificant. That’s when I met Tracey at TURSA, who understood me and showed me the path not to give up. She encouraged me and sent me for this job interview at RSPCA. I am grateful for her support and inspiration.

What are some practical things that Tracey did to help you?

  • Helen: Tracey provided immense support and guidance. She helped me with my mental well-being and made me believe in myself. She also supported me with technology, helping me improve my skills. Without her and the support and my coworkers, I wouldn’t have come this far.

Can you share some other supports that were available to you?

  • Helen: The RSPCA team has been there whenever I needed anything. They provided training opportunities, and my colleagues David, Cassie, and Amy have been incredibly supportive. With their help, I have gained confidence and improved my skills.

In Conclusion:

  • Helen: I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tracey for everything she has done for me. She has inspired me to believe in myself and turn my life around. Now, as the manager at RSPCA OpShop at Stones Corner, I feel confident, motivated, and ready to give my best in everything I do.

Let Us Help You!

Ready to make a change and find work?

At TURSA, we strongly believe in the power of inclusivity and the immense potential of individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces drives us to promote Disability Employment and celebrate the unique abilities and talents that each individual brings to the table.

Disability Employment Logo Your Voice Your Choice

Meet Nev, the General Manager at SES Australia, who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of engaging people with disabilities in the workforce.

In this inspiring video, Nev shares his personal journey and highlights the incredible benefits that come with embracing diversity and inclusion.

Nev recognizes how individuals with disabilities bring unique perspectives and talents to the table. Through their video, Nev sheds light on the positive impact of disability employment, encouraging other businesses to join the movement and unlock the potential within their own organisations.

Why Choose Disability Employment?

Diverse and Innovative Workforce:

By embracing disability employment, your business can benefit from a diverse pool of talents, perspectives, and experiences. This diversity fuels creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, leading to improved business outcomes and a competitive edge in the market.  People managing disability have learnt additional skills and creative ways to think and achieve their goals.

Enhanced Productivity:

Studies have consistently shown that inclusive workplaces have higher employee satisfaction and morale levels. Employees who feel valued and supported are more engaged, motivated, and committed to their work. In turn, they are boosting productivity and driving business success.  

Positive Public Image:

Demonstrating a commitment to disability employment benefits your business internally and enhances your brand reputation externally. Being an inclusive employer sends a powerful message to customers, stakeholders, and the wider community, showcasing your dedication to social responsibility and equal opportunities.

Embrace Include Succeed Your Voice Your Choice

Additional Wage Subsidies: Removing Onboarding Barriers

To further encourage businesses to embrace disability employment, various wage subsidy programs are available to alleviate any perceived onboarding barriers. These subsidies can provide financial support and incentives to help your organisation successfully integrate individuals with disabilities into your workforce. Benefits include:

Wage Subsidies:

Wage subsidies ranging up to $10,000 may be available to businesses that hire eligible individuals into ongoing jobs.

TURSA Client Support Fund:

The TURSA CSF is a valuable resource for participants who are experiencing financial hardship. The program can help participants to meet their basic needs and get back on their feet.

NDIS Supports in Employment:

NDIS supports in employment, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is a program designed to provide individuals with disabilities access to meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities. The NDIS recognizes that many individuals with disabilities face unique challenges in finding and maintaining employment, and this program aims to address those barriers. Supported employment offers tailored support and assistance to individuals, including job coaching, skills development, workplace accommodations, and ongoing support to ensure successful integration and job retention. By providing a supportive environment and individualized assistance, NDIS supported employment promotes independence, inclusion, and self-determination for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to thrive in the workforce.

Your Voice Your Choice

At TURSA, we understand the value of these wage subsidies and supports. We can guide you through the application process, connect you with the right partners and ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your business and the new employee.

Join the Movement: Your Voice, Your Choice

By choosing disability employment, you contribute to a more inclusive society, create opportunities for personal growth, and positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of disability employment and how we can assist you in accessing wage subsidies. Together, we can create a more robust, more inclusive workforce.

Your Voice Matters. Your Choice Makes a Difference.

 Zeona’s Journey: Rediscovering Confidence and thriving with the support of TURSA.

 In Grafton, we had the opportunity to sit down with Zeona, a remarkable mother of five boys ranging from 9 to 25 years old. Zeona, who had spent years as a stay-at-home mother, needed to rediscover her confidence and direction. With determination and the support of Jeff (Employment Advisor) and TURSA (Training & Employment Job Services Provider), her story developed.

First Step – Study

Before embarking on her journey of self-discovery, Zeona admits to feeling lost and unsure of her aspirations. But determined to make a change, she pushed herself to enrol in a TAFE course on community services. Little did she know that this decision would catalyse her transformation.

Zeona Landed a Job

Zeona’s remarkable journey began when she applied for a job before connecting with Jeff and TURSA. Despite her initial doubts about her qualifications, she secured a potential job and sought guidance from Jeff and support from TURSA. The impact was transformative, reigniting her confidence and igniting a newfound excitement for the future.

Jeff offered Zoena guidance and practical support where it was most needed.  This all played a pivotal role in Zeona’s journey of rediscovering her confidence. Jeff identified where TURSA could practically assist. For example, when Zeona needed clothing and shoes for an interview, TURSA ensured she had the necessary resources.

Zeona and Jeff fist pumping in front of a TURSA sign about Zeona rediscovering confidence.

Zeona, with unwavering determination, recalls her experience with TURSA and Jeff as a significant turning point. Their support and belief in her allowed her to secure employment within a month of joining forces. Today, Zeona proudly works as a domestic care worker at Australian Unity.

Zeona’s success doesn’t end there. She is now eagerly training to become a support worker, expanding her skill set to include tasks such as showers and more. With the support and encouragement, she has received, Zeona believes she can step into this new role by the end of the year.


Reflecting on her journey, Zeona expressed gratitude for the support she received from Jeff and TURSA. Zeona felt rediscovering her confidence and career trajectory would not have been possible without their guidance and belief in her potential.

Zeona’s confidence grows with each passing day, proving that anyone can overcome self-doubt and achieve their dreams with the proper support and opportunities. Her inspiring journey is a testament to the transformative power of having someone support and believe in you. A team that is dedicated to empowering individuals and helping them realise their full potential.

As Zeona forges ahead, she is a shining example of resilience and determination, inspiring others to never give up on their goals.

Wanting to take that step but, need a little support to achieve your goals – We are here to assist you!

Carlene is a woman who has faced many challenges in her life. She was working in construction on the North Coast of New South Wales when she had to leave her job due to domestic violence. She decided to move to Grafton and start anew but didn’t know where to start.

Turning to TURSA for support helped Carlene Shine with Success

That’s when she turned to TURSA, a local organisation that helps people gain skills, training and support to achieve their job goals. Clint, her employment advisor, enabled her to figure out what she wanted to do and how to achieve it.

Carlene knew she wanted to go back to construction, so she started doing more training and getting more tickets. TURSA helped her with most of her tickets, including confined spaces, elevated platforms, and traffic control.
With the help of TURSA, Carlene could apply for construction jobs, and she landed a job with Ahoy Traffic. She’s now working on the bypass in Grafton, doing traffic control, and looking to do ongoing traffic control. But her ultimate goal is to be in construction.


Completed the Steps to Work Program

Carlene also went through the Steps Course, a program offered by TURSA that helps people gain confidence and rebuild their self-esteem. Again, she found the course helpful, giving her the skills and support she needed to get to where she is now.

Carlene said about her experience, “I found it really helpful with my skills, with the support that was given to me. So I reached out to that support, and I found that it really helped me to get where I am now. It gave me confidence again in myself because I lost a lot of confidence in my self-esteem, which was falling away since I moved from Coraki; when I came to Grafton, re-engaged with TURSA, and when did the Steps program, it rebuilt my confidence back up and got me to where I am now.”

Gain the Skills & Confidence You Need!

Carlene's story is a testament to the importance of organisations like TURSA, which support people who need it the most. Through their work, they help people like Carlene gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals and build a better life for themselves.
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