Raw Emotion Evident as Tammy Shares Her Story

 Tammy can you tell me a little bit about what initially got you to want to come to TURSA for assistance and what the thought of having a job would do to change your Life?  

“OK, so after almost 25 years of marriage, being a housewife and mother, my situation had changed. I knew financially I had no choice but to enter the workforce, something I’ve never done before.” 

Tammy can you just talk me through a little bit about what TURSA has done to support you while you’re looking for work?

“So, appointment one was the scariest thing for me. I was a blubbering mess. I was so nervous. I knew I wasn’t emotionally ready to be in the workforce. However, I was in that position where it had to happen. Lisa kept reassuring me that I was in a happy, safe place and could take my time. We’ve worked through all the steps to get me ready. It was to the point where I left the appointment going, you know what, I think I can do this for a change. And just after every appointment and lots of encouragement, I just got more and more comfortable. And then, all of a sudden, Lisa rang me up and said, “Oh, this business is looking for employees. How about it? Are we ready?” And I said, “You know what, we’re going to try.” So, I handed in my resume within half an hour and anxiously awaited the reply. To my absolute joy, it did come, and I sat a great interview with them.

But once again, the anxiety, I’m older, have health concerns, and don’t have a license, which was part of the troubling things about my situation. And through it all, Lisa kept saying, “You know what, don’t give up. In our hearts, it’s bound to happen. So just don’t worry.” And it did, and they offered me the position.

So you landed the job, how is it, what has been your favourite experience so far?

So yes, I am working, and the people I work with are great. I enjoy the customer interaction, and my favourite part of the job was over Christmas, just seeing all the happy people going about shopping and preparing for the holidays.”

It makes me a bit emotional too!

“Tammy’s journey has been truly inspiring. From the moment she walked into my office, scared and uncertain, to where she is now, overcoming obstacles and finding work, I am incredibly proud of her. It’s moments like these that make my job so fulfilling, knowing that the support I provided has helped Tammy and her family. Her dedication and perseverance have been exceptional, and I am honored to have been a part of her progress.”

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