Berrick Hardwick – Fresh and Frozen: A Journey into Work

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 Meet Berrick Hardwick

Berrick Hardwick, a ‘driving force’ at Fresh and Frozen, has a remarkable story of resilience and determination. After surviving a severe heart attack, Berrick found himself longing to return to work. His journey led him to TURSA, an approachable employment agency that would change his life.

The Turning Point

What brought you to TURSA?

Berrick explains, “I had been on Disability Employment Services (DES) for five years after my near-death experience. I was tired of sitting idle and wanted to get back to work. That’s when I was referred to TURSA at Coomera, and later, I moved to Beenleigh.”

Navigating the TURSA Process

Berrick found TURSA’s support invaluable. They helped him with paperwork and phone usage and provided expert guidance. “TURSA is probably the best agency I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “Their communication is excellent, and they genuinely care about their participants.”

From Business Owner to Courier Driver

Having owned his own business previously, Berrick was no stranger to hard work. However, due to health concerns, he needed to explore new avenues. “I considered driving buses,” he recalls. “But my heart condition made it challenging. Instead, I looked for courier or driver jobs.”

Unfortunately, a bus job near Hyperdome didn’t meet his expectations. “They wanted us to clean buses after hours without pay,” Berrick shares. “It wasn’t feasible. That’s when I turned to Frishta, my Disability Employment Advocate.”

A New Beginning

Frishta introduced Berrick to FreshnFrozen, where he found purpose and stability. “I work Monday to Friday, 9 to 12 hours a day,” he says. “The salary setup allows flexibility; some days, I finish earlier.”

Overcoming Challenges

Being out of work for an extended period took a toll on Berrick. “I struggled with anxiety and lost confidence,” he admits. “But thanks to TURSA’s support, I’ve improved. Dealing with clients is easier now.”

Words of Wisdom

When asked what advice he’d give a friend, Berrick doesn’t hesitate. “Just go and see TURSA,” he emphasises. “They understand, listen, and genuinely help. Unlike other agencies, TURSA doesn’t push you aside. They’re here for you.”

Berrick’s journey with TURSA and Fresh and Frozen exemplifies the power of resilience and community support. If you’re seeking employment assistance, take a page from Berrick’s book—visit TURSA and discover a path to meaningful work.

Berrick, His Wife, and the Journey of Resilience

A Car Accident and a Helping Hand

Berrick and his wife faced a life-altering car accident. In the aftermath, TURSA stepped in to provide support. His wife, who was also registered with TURSA, needed assistance. Frishta,  ensured they had access to transportation—whether Uber rides or other means—to help them navigate their challenges and maintain access to employment.

Bob’s Generosity

But the story doesn’t end there. Bob, Owner at Fresh and Frozen, went above and beyond. He lent Berrick one of his personal cars, ensuring that Berrick could continue his journey of employment. Bob’s generosity made a significant impact, allowing Berrick to regain independence and mobility.

A Remarkable Transformation

And then came an unexpected twist. Berrick’s wife, who had been legally blind, also found employment through TURSA. Today, she works full-time, defying the odds. Her vision has improved, and she can now see the world around her.

A Tale of Resilience

Berrick, his wife, and the entire support network—Frishta, Bob, and TURSA—have woven a tale of resilience, compassion, and determination. Their journey reminds us that sometimes, it takes a village to transform lives.

If you’re facing challenges, remember that allies are ready to walk alongside you. Visit TURSA, and let your journey begin.


Lionel’s Journey: From Casual Musician to Warehouse Worker

Lionel Tursa Employment & Training

Meet Lionel

Lionel, a talented keyboard player, has faced his share of challenges. His journey to meaningful employment took him through twists and turns, but it ultimately led him to TURSA, where he found a supportive community and a chance to make a difference.

The Prelude

Before joining TURSA, Lionel’s work history was unconventional. “I’ve played music,” he says, “and some might consider that a ‘real’ job. But I hadn’t held down consistent employment for a long time—maybe 15 to 20 years.”


The Turning Point

Enter TURSA. Lionel’s Disability Employment Advocate encouraged him to explore job opportunities. Initially hesitant, Lionel decided to give it a shot. “I didn’t think I’d succeed,” he admits. But when he landed a job, everything changed.

A Positive Impact

Working at Fresh and Frozen—both in the warehouse and as a delivery driver—proved transformative. “It’s been great for my mental health,” Lionel shares. “And it’s helped me feel more connected to the world.”

TURSA provided essential support, from petrol assistance to resume building. “They genuinely care,” Lionel emphasises. “They understand the challenges and provide practical solutions.”

Looking Back

Reflecting on his 12 months at Fresh and Frozen, Lionel wishes he’d started this journey 20 years ago. “I feel better,” he says. “More a part of the planet.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Lionel battled depression and anxiety before finding stability through work. “Keeping busy is essential,” he notes. “And there are plenty of resources out there.”

A Beacon of Understanding

TURSA’s approach resonated with Lionel. “They listen,” he explains. “They connect you with the right contacts. It’s about understanding and support.”

Lionel’s story underscores the power of perseverance and community. If you’re navigating your own path, take inspiration from Lionel—visit TURSA and discover how they can help you find your place in the world.

Frishta: Guiding the Journey

Meet Frishta

As a Disability Employment Advocate at TURSA, Frishta plays a pivotal role in the success stories of participants like Berrick and Lionel. Her dedication and understanding have made a lasting impact.

A Pleasure to Serve

Frishta reflects, “Working with Berrick and Lionel has been a pleasure. Each client brings a unique backstory, motivations, and expectations. Many have tried other service providers, and they arrive at TURSA with a mix of hope and scepticism.”


Frishta Disability Employment Advocate TURSA

Listening and Empowering

Frishta’s approach is simple yet powerful. “I listen,” she says. “I empower them to recognise their potential. There’s often resistance, but that’s part of the journey.”

Trial and Error

Navigating employment opportunities involves trial and error. “We send clients to job interviews, refer them to positions,” Frishta explains. “Sometimes it works seamlessly; other times, we adjust. With Berrick and Lionel, we’ve been by their side throughout.”

The Right Fit

Berrick faced medical clearance challenges for specific jobs. “We backed out,” Frishta recalls. “But we persisted. We won’t settle until we find the right fit.”

Beyond Placement

Frishta’s commitment extends beyond job placement. “We stay connected,” she emphasises. “Life gets busy, but we’re here—supporting, encouraging, and ensuring they thrive.”

A great employer makes all the difference

Understanding employers like Bob at FreshNFrozen play a pivotal role in fostering a positive work environment.

Bob’s commitment to his staff goes beyond the conventional employer-employee relationship. By providing his own personal vehicle to an employee in need, he demonstrates empathy and genuine concern. Such actions not only retain valuable team members but also create a sense of loyalty and trust.

Bob’s philosophy—that success hinges on understanding individual needs and aligning them with business goals—holds true. It’s not merely about the job service provider; it’s about the person behind it, someone who comprehends the intricacies of the business and ensures the right people are in place. Bob’s approach exemplifies effective leadership and underscores the importance of human connections in the workplace. 

Berrick, Frishta and Lionel at FreshnFrozen talking about employment goals and success

Words of Wisdom

For those seeking employment, Frishta offers advice: “Reach out. We understand. We’re here to help. TURSA isn’t just an agency; it’s a community.”

Beric, Lionel, and countless others owe their progress to advocates like Frishta and dedicated Disability Employment Advocates who work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. If you’re on your own journey, remember: TURSA is ready to walk alongside you.