“gratitude” – Tailored Programs Changing Lives

Julie Bain (left), Kendrick and Sue Simnet

Kendrick worked in his family’s business for as long as he can remember, however, when the business closed he found gaining new employment a struggle. 40-year-old Kendrick was very keen to get back to work as he was main provider for his young family but had difficulty finding employment that fitted with his skills and experience.

After registering with Tursa Employment & Training, Kendrick participated in TURSA’s Employability + Program which is designed to assist participants gain practical employability and foundation skills. The program that Kendrick attended had been tailored to address the needs of a group of Indigenous clients which included art therapy. The art therapy assisted Kendrick to establish a new perspective as well as help him to work through emotions that he has experienced whilst trying to find employment.

With a deeper understanding of himself and improved self-esteem, TURSA worked with Kendrick to obtain a forklift license and most importantly employment in the warehousing industry. Kendrick has now been working over 5 months and enjoying using his newly acquired forklift skills.

Kendrick produced this painting titled “Gratitude” thanking TURSA for helping re-establish his passion for art.