Finding the Right Support

Glenda found support through TURSA. TURSA is a leading employment provider assisting participants find work.

Dan who works at TURSA as an Employment Adviser, made sure to take the time to know and understand Glenda’s needs.  Finding her a role in Indigenous Employment where she knew the company, how they worked and felt comfortable, that was the key.

He knew that it would take time for her to feel comfortable. So, Dan assisted Glenda without pushing her, using small, gentle steps so she never felt pressured about returning to work.

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Glenda shares her story

Securing Employment after 30 years

Glenda a proud indigenous woman had raised 7 children over 30 years. Unsure about entering the workforce she was inspired by her 14-year-old daughter starting work at McDonalds.

Community Partnerships

TURSA partners with other community organisations to provide a broader support network. This enabled Glenda to finish a first aid and safe food handling course.

Dan developed a connection with Glenda and understood her needs. This made Glenda feel acknowledged and boosted her trust. As a result, Glenda began engaging with other people and making new friends.

Over time, Glenda’s confidence grew as she realised that Dan was there to help her.

Landing the Job

Having shared the journey with her, Dan was overjoyed when they got the news, he knew how hard Glenda had worked. Glenda now enjoys working in indigenous childcare, alongside family and friends. She now feels far more connected to the community.

Glenda’s story is just one of many stories like hers across our organisation.

TURSA recognises that employment is just one aspect of a person’s life. Many participants need support, such as clothing, training, and transport assistance, to achieve long-term stability and success.

TURSA connects with community organisations to provide additional services when needed. This ensures participants have access to the support needed.

Dedicated Job Support

Dan played a pivotal role in helping Glenda overcome her barriers and rebuild her confidence.

He showed empathy and patience, knowing Glenda was hesitant to engage with the world.

By taking the time necessary, building a trusted connection and keeping the process manageable they were able to develop an achievable outcome.

Small Steps

Rather than pushing her into anything, Dan took small positive steps with Glenda, allowing her to try things out and see what worked for her. Through small steps, Glenda’s confidence grew, and she became more comfortable communicating with others and engaging with people.

By not pressuring Glenda Dan allowed her to take those first steps at her own pace. He encouraged her to take courses and helped her prepare for job interviews when she was ready. Ensuring she had the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Empathy and Understanding

Dan’s approach to helping Glenda was grounded in empathy, patience, and a deep understanding of her barriers. By taking small positive steps, he built her confidence, encouraged her to try new things, and ultimately helped her find a path towards a job. TURSA is committed to supporting local community employment.

If you’re a long-term unemployed individual looking for support to return to work, TURSA can help. Contact TURSA today – We can help you achieve your goals.