Ben standing in front of Coles story about how he manages his disability

Living with Disability

Ben’s story is one of inspiration. He has dealt with anxiety and shyness in the past, but through hard work and dedication, he has been able to manage these challenges and make living with his disability easier to manage.

Finding the right employer was essential for Ben. He needed to find an organization that understood his strengths and can provide him with opportunities to grow.

Ben’s first two jobs involved food. Ben explained that he intensely disliked handling food from a very early age. Living with anxiety, Ben was working in a fast-food environment! Ben managed to stick to the role for 6 months but knew working in a fast-food customer service was not the right fit for him long term.

Mum Sue said, “Ben had tried numerous other support providers around town. He did not feel he was getting the support he needed. He decided to try TURSA and since meeting Kim, has not looked back.”


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Gaining Confidence

Since joining TURSA, Ben has found an enjoyable job that suits his skillset and interests. He works in a team environment where he feels supported by his managers. His favourite thing about his job is having a sense of control, and calm where he can work systematically. Ben said, “Because I need structure and order in my life, Coles is working out really well. I enjoy a role where I can be organised, paid regularly, and pay my bills. As a result, I feel far more relzed and in control of my life and how I spend my time.”


With the right support, Ben now is excelling in his role.


Ben found that TURSA not only provided him with the training he needed for work, but also the confidence to look for and move into a more suitable role. He is now working at Coles in Grafton as a night filler and says that he feels much more confident in his abilities. His goal is to provide the best night-filling work in-store.

Ben’s experience shows that TURSA can not only help with the technical aspects of finding a job, but also with the softer skills like building confidence. If you’re feeling stuck in your job search, remember that TURSA is here to help!


Are you looking for support to achieve your goals?

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