Everyone has dreams, goals and ambitions, but sometimes they are yet to be realised. It can be challenging to keep pushing forward when there seems no hope of overcoming adversity. But it is possible! Here is proof that dreams come true; sometimes, an opportunity presents itself in the most unexpected moments.
It’s essential to have faith in yourself and never give up—even when the odds are stacked against you. When an opportunity arises, don’t hesitate: seize it with both hands and make your mark! You may be surprised at what you can achieve with determination and hard work. Additionally, don’t forget to accept support from others—it can often help open doors that seemed impossible before.

Here are a few of the hundreds of moments we experience across our network each week. We hope they inspire you as much as they do us.

Omot Photo Tursa Employment & Training
Celebration to Disapointment to Celebration

Omot faced a long and challenging journey of job seeking, enduring four years without success. However, despite language barriers causing the initial challenge for Omot, his commitment never wavered. He simply said to Tursa Employment & Training, “please find me any job – I will do anything”. Thankfully with persistence it paid off. Omot got an opportunity to access work with an understanding employer willing to look beyond linguistic boundaries and consider the strengths that would make Omot invaluable in their organisation.

The Unthinkable

Then Omot’s luck took a downturn as he was advised by his employer that they had lost the contract, meaning termination of his and all other staff’s employment. 

Tursa Employment and Training again offering necessary assistance for Omot to reapply for Job Seeker Payments, of course, it felt like a step backwards for Omot – until something interesting happened!

At the next appointment at TURSA, Omot announced he had approached the new contract winner directly.

Omot had approached the new company with unabashed courage and fearlessly put himself forward as a qualified candidate for the position. Presenting his experience with pride in the hope of consideration. 


A Second Chance

Omot’s advocate at TURSA arranged a meeting with the new contract holder and negotiated a trial shift. Shortly after, the employer contacted Tursa Employment and Training to advise that they would be pleased to offer Omot a position within the organisation. 

The employer has since informed us that Omot is an excellent asset to the team and that he will have employment for life with them should he wish.

It was a great feeling to witness that Omot has developed the confidence and communication skills to advocate for himself. 

Omot has come a long way, and we are proud to see his progress since commencing with Tursa Employment and Training.

Damo Photo Disability Employment at TURSA
How Damo overcame adversity!

Only 12 months ago, Damon was living in unsuitable housing and sinking into debt. His disability posed an additional barrier to gaining employment and provided more hurdles for him to climb over. But, it was no match for his perseverance and desire to create change. With the help of TURSA DES-ESS, Damon persevered, overcoming the barriers he faced and forging solutions to improve his life. Today, he is happily employed as a laundry serviceman at one of Brisbane’s hospitals – a testament to overcoming adversity and making positive changes in one’s life.

“I was living in unliveable accommodation in another suburb & my Disability Employment Advocate assisted me finding and applying for more suitable accommodation because of this help I’m now in suitable accommodation where I feel safe.”

“I felt as though being unemployed with a disability I dug myself into a hole and I’m now on the right path. I finally feel liberated, and my self-esteem is beginning to grow, I feel myself again.”

“I attempted to study a few different courses in an attempt to try new things with no success. My Disability Employment Advocate sat down with me and looked at different roles with different companies to help me find something that I could do within my ability, and we found my current role.”

“I wanted a job where I could remain active that I could physically complete as that’s very important to me. This role has really given me meaning in life and something to live for. Since commencing employment, I have had money to buy simple things like eating the foods I want and purchase things like clothes, underwear, and new tea towels.”

From Transport to Truss - Paul made an impression and secured his future.

Paul, a proud Indigenous man aged 64 with a disability that made him unable to sit for too long or undertake strenuous physical activity, faced an uncertain future.

TURSA’s Disability Employment Advocate introduced Paul to Steve from  Aboriginal Employment Strategy who in turn introduced Paul to The Truss Company.  Paul was initially not deemed suitable for the role he interview for but, he left such an impression on the General Managers April and Dean in just two days that they created job role tailored specifically for his capabilities. Paul at The Truss Company

Despite those initial doubts about whether he was suitable due to its physical requirements, five weeks later the company were saying “they wanted ten more people like Paul”. His story is one of courage and resilience which shows us how determination can take you places even when it seems difficult!

Anxiety and Mental Health did not stop Jo achieving her goals!

Jo was looking for an employer who could be understanding and accommodating of her mental health issues. Peta, Jo’s Disability Employment Advocate, worked hard to assist Jo and help find  solutions. Together they  crafted a new resume that highlighted the strengths Jo brought to any role. Peta assisted Jo with some new interview clothes and then got to work and started marketing Jo directly to employers.  A position was secured at North Lakes Hotel as a housekeeper and the employer was able to provide the hours Jo needed.  Jo recently advised us that; “She is enjoying the positive team environment, flexibility of hours around school pickups and the ability to rebuild her confidence.” 

With compassionate support from dedicated individuals like Peta’s working here at Tursa Employment & Training – Job searchers such as Joe are assisted into secure roles in which they can thrive!