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Tod and Natalie from AES talking partnership with TURSA

Collaboration and Connection: AES and TURSA’s Powerful Partnership

In the heart of Coffs Harbour, two organisations are working together to make a real difference in the lives of Indigenous Australians. AES Aboriginal Employment Strategies and Tursa Employment and Training are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to individuals seeking employment and training.

A Holistic Approach

AES and TURSA offer more than employment services; they provide a holistic approach to supporting Indigenous Australians. From mentoring and job placement to referrals for mental health and housing support, these organisations are committed to addressing their clients’ various needs.

The Power of Partnership

Tom Flanders, Recruitment Officer, and Natalie Tighe, Group Training Field Officer, Are the driving forces behind AES at Coffs Harbour. Working alongside TURSA creates a powerful partnership that gets results. Together, they can provide seamless service that addresses each individual’s unique needs.

“We rely on each other to provide the best possible support to our clients,” Natalie says. “It’s a partnership that’s essential to our success.”

Empowering Indigenous Employment Through Partnership

The TURSA Steps to Work Program bridges Indigenous participants to local job opportunities by providing them with the knowledge and confidence they need to take that next step, and we’re proud to acknowledge the invaluable support of our regular partners, AES.

Through our collaboration, we’ve successfully placed numerous Indigenous individuals into meaningful employment, fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce. As Simone from TURSA notes, “Our long-term partnership with AES has been instrumental in driving positive change. Their commitment to our shared mission has enabled us to provide comprehensive support to our participants, resulting in increased confidence, skills, and employment outcomes. Together, we’re making a real difference in the lives of Indigenous Australians, and we look forward to continuing our impactful work.” By combining our expertise and resources, we’re creating a brighter future for Indigenous job seekers and the community.

Steps to Work Coffs Harbour

Breaking Down Barriers One by One

One of the biggest challenges facing Indigenous Australians is a lack of identification and documentation. AES has identified this as a current service gap that needs to be filled to address this issue by providing support and resources to help individuals obtain the necessary identification to access employment and training opportunities.

“It’s a critical gap in the community, and we’re committed to filling it,” Natalie says.

Staff Champions

Tom and Natalie are shining examples of the dedicated staff at AES and their ongoing support of TURSA is invaluable. Their passion and commitment to supporting Indigenous Australians are evident in everything they do.

“We’re making a real difference, and that’s what it’s all about,” Natalie says.

A Brighter Future

AES and TURSA’s partnership are building a brighter future for Indigenous Australians. Working together to help Indigenous Australians have a better life. They give lots of help to meet the different needs of their clients, making our community fairer and more welcoming for everyone. This help includes support for mental health, finding a home, job training, learning new skills, providing steps to work guidance or just having someone to talk to. In the end, we all work together to make our community stronger and more connected.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this work,” Tom says. “We’re making a real difference, and that’s what it’s all about.”

As AES and TURSA continue their vital work, they are a shining example of the impact that can be made when community organisations come together with a shared vision and a commitment to supporting Indigenous Australians.

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