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A Story of Growth, Goals, and Dancing Dreams

Stephanie’s Journey: 

Stephanie, a young woman with a passion for dance and a goal to work in the dance industry, embarked on a journey to find her work goals and build her skills. With the support of Skye from TURSA and Amelia from Better Together, Stephanie has been making significant strides towards her goals.

Stephanie, TURSA DES participant, Skye from TURSA and Amelia from Better Together talking about making a difference together

 A Supportive Network

Skye, an Employment Advocate from TURSA, identified Stephanie’s need for a more foundational approach to her career development. Recognising that Stephanie needed more than just a job placement, Skye sought a program that would provide her with the necessary skills and support. This led her to Amelia and the Better Together program.

Amelia, the project coordinator at Better Together, welcomed Stephanie into their Certificate II in Hospitality and Tourism program. Better Together, a disability support provider and community service organization, has been operating for over 15 years. Their focus is on training and upskilling individuals who might be underemployed and underskilled.

The Journey Begins

Stephanie’s journey with the Better Together program has been transformative. The program provides a dynamic learning environment where learners of all capacities can thrive. Stephanie has been diligently working on her coursework, with Skye and Amelia providing constant support.

The program also includes excursion days, where participants visit local hospitality venues. These experiences expose Stephanie to actual workplaces, giving her a taste of what her future career could look like.

Dancing Towards Her Dreams

One of Stephanie’s most notable qualities is her love for dance. She dances on the course and dreams of working in a dance studio. Despite some physical limitations, Stephanie’s passion for dance remains undeterred. Her ultimate goal is to save up enough money from her future job to fly to Canada and experience the snow with her friend.

A Mother’s Pride

Stephanie’s progress has not gone unnoticed. Her mother has seen a significant change in her attitude at home. Stephanie’s commitment to attending the program every day and staying back late to catch up on assessments has made her mother incredibly proud.

The Importance of Collaboration

Stephanie’s journey highlights the importance of providing a wrap-around service where organizations work together in the common interest of supporting their participants. Both TURSA and Better Together have demonstrated the power of collaboration in helping Stephanie move closer to her goals.

In conclusion, Stephanie’s journey is a testament to the power of supportive networks, the importance of foundational skills-building, and the transformative potential of pursuing one’s passions. As she continues to dance towards her dreams, Stephanie serves as an inspiration to all those embarking on their own journeys towards their work goals.


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Empowering Individuals and Breaking Barriers

My name is Amelia, and I am the project coordinator at Better Together, a non-profit disability support provider based in Caboolture. For over 15 years, we have been committed to supporting individuals with barriers to employment, helping them develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Stephanie, TURSA DES participant, Skye from TURSA and Amelia from Better Together talking about making a difference together

Our Programs and Collaborations

One of our key initiatives is the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program. We offer the Better Futures program, which provides a Certificate II in Hospitality and Tourism. Our classroom is a dynamic environment that caters to learners of all capacities.

We are proud to collaborate with TURSA, a partnership established last year. The presence of a TURSA staff member in our classroom enhances the learning process and reduces students’ anxiety. This collaboration allows us to provide comprehensive support to our service users, helping them prepare to engage in planning, and goal development for employment.   

Stephanie one of our students, loves to dance and she takes every lunch break opportunity to enjoy in her passion.  Her goal is to hopefully obtain work in a dance studio or something similar as well as go to Canada with her savings to be in the snow with her friends.    Sounds like a great goal to us Stephanie!

Our Approach

We believe in the power of support and collaboration. Having someone there to support our service users significantly helps with their mental health and psychosocial barriers. We encourage stakeholders, including family members, to be involved in the learning process. This allows us to better understand the individual’s needs and identify any community needs that we may not have addressed.

Our Impact

We operate from Tuesday to Friday, running daily classes from 9:00 to 4:00. We also have two other programs in Port Charlotte, running five days a week. We work with approximately 10 local non-profits and collaborate with close to 30 organisations across our programs. These partnerships allow us to offer our service users a wide range of opportunities and resources.

At Better Together, we are committed to fast-tracking our service users through the course to reach their goals. We believe in the power of community, collaboration, and commitment to change lives. We are always keen to work closely with organisations like TURSA, where collaboration and wraparound services can be expanded and offer additional support for better outcomes.

Better Together - Caboolture

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