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The DidjGuy -
Roland Brown's Story of Inspiration

Roland Brown

Roland Brown, known by his stage name DidjGuy and Dark Rose, has come a long way since his battle with alcoholism. Ashleigh Huckel, a TURSA representative, helped Roland get back on his feet and onto sobriety and employment. In a recent interview, Ashleigh shared insights about Roland’s journey and the positive changes she has witnessed.

According to Ashleigh, Roland is a 24-year-old proud indigenous male from Darwin passionate about music. He plays a didgeridoo trombone and regularly performs around local centres. Despite his talent, Roland struggled with his identity, leading to heavy drinking. However, after seeking help from Ashleigh, he was put in touch with The Buttery, a rehabilitation centre in Lismore.

Roland entered the intensive six-week program with group sessions four days a week. Since then, his life has turned around and he has made significant progress. He has moved into his own house, built a better relationship with his children, and landed a job as a night filler at the new Coles in Lismore.

Asking for Help is the First Step for Change

When asked about the changes she has seen in Roland, Ashleigh revealed that he has completely turned around. His emotions have shifted to the positive side, and he has improved his physical appearance and hygiene. She credits Roland’s progress to the support and hope he received, which gave him goals to aim for.

Never feel ashamed

Ashleigh advises anyone in a similar situation to Roland to never feel ashamed or discouraged about asking for help. She emphasizes that asking for help is the first and hardest step, but it doesn’t make anyone less of a person for doing so.

Roland Brown’s story is a powerful example of how anyone can overcome their struggles and succeed with proper support and guidance. His passion for music, determination, and resilience should serve as an inspiration to us all.

Didjguy playing his TromboneDidge
The DidjGuy Talks Setting Goals

Celebrate the inspiring journey of Roland Brown, also known as Dark Rose. Today, Roland is a changed man, but before TURSA, he struggled with alcoholism and chronic weed smoking. He refused to accept his situation and had lost sight of his musical goals. Roland lived on and off the streets for years, busking and performing with other artists in the same boat. But everything changed when he had two kids and realized he was turning 25. He had a wake-up call and decided to get back on track and pursue his goals.
When Roland first came to TURSA, he admits he wasn’t fully present, just ticking boxes to get paid. But something shifted, and he realized there were opportunities and help if he could put in the energy. In addition, there was support willing to meet him halfway. Roland said several times how he is grateful to Ashley for signing him up for The Buttery CORE program, which helped him achieve goals he never thought were possible. As a result, he has been sober for nearly 50 days now and feels clear-minded and driven.
Roland’s passion for music and supporting the youth is what drives him. He dreams of working amongst the community and using his music to inspire and uplift others. He has been hired by Coles and is excited to start working soon.
Roland’s journey is a reminder that there is always time to make a change and pursue your dreams. It takes courage and determination, but anything is possible with the proper support and mindset. We celebrate Roland’s journey and look forward to seeing where his future takes him.

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