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Tursa Employment and Training Can Help You Overcome Any Barrier to Employment
  1. Are you seeking a job that suits your skills, interests, and goals?
  2. Do you face any barriers or challenges that make your job search more difficult?
  3. Do you want to work with an employment provider that cares about you and your career development?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must contact Tursa Employment and Training today. TURSA is not just another job agency. They are your allies in finding your ideal job and overcoming any obstacles along the way + they are a FREE service.

TURSA has over 27 years of experience in delivering employment services to people from different backgrounds, including people with disabilities, young people, mature-age workers, and Indigenous Australians. They understand each individual’s unique needs and preferences and provide personalised support and guidance.

Here are some of the benefits of having TURSA assist:

  • You will have access to a wide range of job vacancies in your local area and online resources and tools to help you with your job search.
  • You will receive assistance in finding, securing, and maintaining employment and accessing skills training and education.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for various incentives and subsidies, such as wage subsidies, work ready assistance, and work trial programs.
  • You will be part of a community that values diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. TURSA has strong connections with local employers, organisations, and support services that can help you with personal and professional development.
Job Seach Confidence - Break free of the barriers

Regardless of your barrier, TURSA can help you find a solution. TURSA can provide the support and resources you need to overcome them.

Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your opportunity to work. Contact Tursa Employment and Training today and discover how they can help you find your next job. Visit their website or call them on 1800 670 914. Your future starts with TURSA.

Michael’s Inspiring Story:  Finding Future with TURSA’s Assistance

Let’s talk about Michael, who faced big challenges but never gave up. With TURSA’s support, he turned things around and made a bright future for himself.

Finding Future

Before TURSA came into his life, Michael had a lot of health problems including a neurological disorder, bulging discs, trapped nerves, and fibromyalgia. These made it hard for him to move around and do things. But when TURSA entered the picture and began to present options and possibilities, things started to change and helped Michael to find his future.

Michael’s spirit remained undaunted in the face of adversity. A former rigour and painter, he faced the daunting task of redefining his career path to align with his unique circumstances. The journey was a challenging one, a testament to his unyielding perseverance.

“I was unsure if I could ever regain my footing. My marriage had dissolved, and a future seemed distant,” recounts Michael, echoing the resilience that fortified his resolve.

Finding Time

TURSA emerged as the guiding beacon that illuminated Michael’s path to transformation. Under their consistent guidance, Michael unearthed latent talents and transferrable skills, rekindling a sense of purpose that had long been eclipsed. Through months of exploration, he unveiled his new future within the disability sector – a choice that would rewrite the script of his life in profound ways.

Today, Michael has continued to develop his future as an independent caregiver, tending to the needs of a quadriplegic man with an outpouring of empathy and commitment. His daily routine, from hygiene upkeep to household management and gardening, symbolizes an indomitable spirit that knows no bounds.

“I’ve discovered a renewed sense of purpose, working in a realm where my efforts make a genuine impact,” beams Michael, pride emanating from every word.

Yet Michael’s journey doesn’t stop here. With a heart full of resolve, he is poised to embrace a new chapter with Get Going Support, broadening his horizons to include more extensive community involvement and engagement. His story embodies the harmonious partnership between personal dedication and the steadfast assistance of organisations like TURSA.

Finding Inspiration

Michael’s testament not only showcases his unwavering dedication but also underscores the vital role of TURSA as a cornerstone of support. Together, their collective efforts have facilitated his finding future, illuminating a pathway for others facing similar challenges.

To those who seek inspiration, look no further than Michael’s journey. Reach out to TURSA, and together, we can surmount adversity, crafting a tapestry of success where determination is met with unwavering support.

Not all Barriers Are Visible

However, TURSA's support shines bright!

Adam Overcomes Challenges to Find Work with TURSA’s Help

Sunshine Coast Resident Empowered by TURSA‘s Support on Journey to Employment Maroochydore, July 31 –

Facing and Conquering

Adam, has faced and conquered the difficulties presented by his disabilities to find a fulfilling job. Thanks to the unwavering assistance from TURSA, a respected disabilities support provider in the area.

Adam’s job search was uncertain when he moved to the Sunshine Coast, fearing that his disabilities might limit his options. However, a fortunate encounter with a sign for TURSA changed his life’s direction. Curious about his possibilities, Adam registered with TURSA and met Paul and Carl. They became his mentors throughout his employment journey.

Job that suits

Adam’s main goal was to find a job that suited his abilities and allowed him to manage his injuries effectively. Paul and Carl worked closely with Adam. They assessed his capabilities, searched for suitable job hours, and placements that accommodated his unique circumstances.

Determination pays dividends

Although Adam explored various fields like boat building and aged care, his passion for caregiving was his goal. Unfortunately, balance issues caused by his injury prevented him from becoming a support worker. Determined to find the right fit, TURSA’s team continued searching.  Finally they found a general hand position at a well-known holiday resort in Noosa.

In his new role, Adam handles various tasks, from cleaning windows to maintaining gardens, and even leading the maintenance team. This opportunity gave him the freedom to work at his own pace while showing his dedication and hard work, earning praise from his employers.

Breaking job records

Even after more than a year of employment, Adam still receives encouragement from TURSA, showing their commitment to his journey. Adam’s triumphant return to the workforce is a personal achievement and a testament to his hard work and TURSA’s dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities. After a gap of five and a half years, Adam’s current job is the longest he’s held in two decades, demonstrating the impact of finding meaningful employment.

“I can work at my own pace. I put in hard work, and my employers are happy with me, I believe,” says Adam, expressing pride in his journey.

As an inspiring story of determination and resilience, Adam’s experience brings hope to others facing similar challenges. TURSA’s unwavering support and patient guidance have been crucial in Adam’s journey to triumph over adversity.

Adam offers heartfelt advice to others in a similar position:

“When you’re ready, go see the team at TURSA. They’ll help you find a good job.”

Adam’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of support, proving that with proper guidance and determination, individuals can overcome disabilities and create a brighter future.   If you need help navigating Disability Employment Services take the first step by reaching out to TURSA for friendly and helpful advice

Helen's Journey at RSPCA OpShop - A Story of Transformation, Support and rebuilt Confidence

Hello, Can you introduction yourself for our readers?

  • Helen: Yes, my name’s Helen. I work at the RSPCA Opt Shop at Stones Corner.

How long have you been there?

  • Helen: I’ve been there for roughly about six months now.

What do you love about your job?

  • Helen: It’s the excellent team and the management. They have given me a good intake into running the store and have always been there for me.

What’s your current role?

  • Helen: I’m the RSPCA OpShop manager in Stones Corner, and I love it. It’s a beautiful job.

Have you always been the manager?

  • Helen: No, I started about six months ago, on December 5th. I started as a regular staff member and was promoted to manager.

How do you find dealing with the public?

  • Helen: I enjoy interacting with the public. It’s rewarding when customers turn around and say what a beautiful shop we have and how much it has changed over these months. Knowing that the money we raise goes directly to needy animals makes my day.

Can you tell me about your background before the RSPCA?

“I was a mum and a grandma but personally, I was feeling insignificant and very low.”
  • Helen: Before the RSPCA, I was a mom and a grandma. While I felt like I had important roles in the world, I also felt down and insignificant. That’s when I met Tracey at TURSA, who understood me and showed me the path not to give up. She encouraged me and sent me for this job interview at RSPCA. I am grateful for her support and inspiration.

What are some practical things that Tracey did to help you?

  • Helen: Tracey provided immense support and guidance. She helped me with my mental well-being and made me believe in myself. She also supported me with technology, helping me improve my skills. Without her and the support and my coworkers, I wouldn’t have come this far.

Can you share some other supports that were available to you?

  • Helen: The RSPCA team has been there whenever I needed anything. They provided training opportunities, and my colleagues David, Cassie, and Amy have been incredibly supportive. With their help, I have gained confidence and improved my skills.

In Conclusion:

  • Helen: I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tracey for everything she has done for me. She has inspired me to believe in myself and turn my life around. Now, as the manager at RSPCA OpShop at Stones Corner, I feel confident, motivated, and ready to give my best in everything I do.

Let Us Help You!

Ready to make a change and find work?

At TURSA, we strongly believe in the power of inclusivity and the immense potential of individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces drives us to promote Disability Employment and celebrate the unique abilities and talents that each individual brings to the table.

Disability Employment Logo Your Voice Your Choice

Meet Nev, the General Manager at SES Australia, who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of engaging people with disabilities in the workforce.

In this inspiring video, Nev shares his personal journey and highlights the incredible benefits that come with embracing diversity and inclusion.

Nev recognizes how individuals with disabilities bring unique perspectives and talents to the table. Through their video, Nev sheds light on the positive impact of disability employment, encouraging other businesses to join the movement and unlock the potential within their own organisations.

Why Choose Disability Employment?

Diverse and Innovative Workforce:

By embracing disability employment, your business can benefit from a diverse pool of talents, perspectives, and experiences. This diversity fuels creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, leading to improved business outcomes and a competitive edge in the market.  People managing disability have learnt additional skills and creative ways to think and achieve their goals.

Enhanced Productivity:

Studies have consistently shown that inclusive workplaces have higher employee satisfaction and morale levels. Employees who feel valued and supported are more engaged, motivated, and committed to their work. In turn, they are boosting productivity and driving business success.  

Positive Public Image:

Demonstrating a commitment to disability employment benefits your business internally and enhances your brand reputation externally. Being an inclusive employer sends a powerful message to customers, stakeholders, and the wider community, showcasing your dedication to social responsibility and equal opportunities.

Embrace Include Succeed Your Voice Your Choice

Additional Wage Subsidies: Removing Onboarding Barriers

To further encourage businesses to embrace disability employment, various wage subsidy programs are available to alleviate any perceived onboarding barriers. These subsidies can provide financial support and incentives to help your organisation successfully integrate individuals with disabilities into your workforce. Benefits include:

Wage Subsidies:

Wage subsidies ranging up to $10,000 may be available to businesses that hire eligible individuals into ongoing jobs.

TURSA Client Support Fund:

The TURSA CSF is a valuable resource for participants who are experiencing financial hardship. The program can help participants to meet their basic needs and get back on their feet.

NDIS Supports in Employment:

NDIS supports in employment, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is a program designed to provide individuals with disabilities access to meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities. The NDIS recognizes that many individuals with disabilities face unique challenges in finding and maintaining employment, and this program aims to address those barriers. Supported employment offers tailored support and assistance to individuals, including job coaching, skills development, workplace accommodations, and ongoing support to ensure successful integration and job retention. By providing a supportive environment and individualized assistance, NDIS supported employment promotes independence, inclusion, and self-determination for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to thrive in the workforce.

Your Voice Your Choice

At TURSA, we understand the value of these wage subsidies and supports. We can guide you through the application process, connect you with the right partners and ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your business and the new employee.

Join the Movement: Your Voice, Your Choice

By choosing disability employment, you contribute to a more inclusive society, create opportunities for personal growth, and positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of disability employment and how we can assist you in accessing wage subsidies. Together, we can create a more robust, more inclusive workforce.

Your Voice Matters. Your Choice Makes a Difference.

Leah from TURSA standing and smiling in McDonalds talking about best employment outcomes for Martyn

Dedication & Hard Work Pays Off

Leah, a Disability Employment Advocate at TURSA, shared with us her passion for her work and her sense of satisfaction when she was able to secure a positive outcome for Martyn. During the conversation, Leah’s face lit up with a genuine smile, demonstrating her commitment to her role. In addition, her dedication to working with employers to find suitable employment for Martyn showcases the exceptional work done by the entire TURSA team. 

Working with Martyn, Leah secured a best employment outcome, this in turn has been life changing for him.  We share his story below 

If you are keen to work and are managing a disability, experience the genuine support from our TURSA Team, it’s easy, register HERE

Martyn got the best employment outcome now working at McDonalds and smiling in his uniform
Best Outcomes start with Perserverence

Martyn, a man who faced challenges from meningitis as a baby, had been working as a volunteer at Currumbin Sanctuary for 11 years before COVID hit and he found himself at a loss.

Despite his limitations in speech and fine motor skills, he was determined to find paid work for the first time in his life.

Leah, his Disability Employment Advocate, worked tirelessly with him, using reverse marketing tactics to showcase Martyn’s strengths and value as an employee. They walked around to pet stores, nurseries, and vets, handing out Martyn’s resume. 

Hard Work Paid Off

As a result, their hard work paid off.  A new franchise owner took over a local McDonald’s and expressed interest in diversifying their workforce. 

Leah submitted Martyn’s resume and highlighted his reliability and punctuality. In November, Martyn got the job, he couldn’t be happier! He’s been working in the maintenance team, cooking fries, keeping the place looking clean and fresh and helping customers with touch screen ordering. His employer is thrilled with him and he’s loving every minute of it.

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"Everyone Loves Martyn Here"

Tyson, a shift manager at McDonalds Murwillumbah, recently gained a valuable team member in Martyn. Despite the restaurant losing staff due to them leaving school and moving forward with their life choices, Martyn’s arrival has been an enormous asset with his ability to handle multiple jobs such as pre-close work, wash-up, fries and restocking. Not only is he efficient, but he’s also helped maintain the cleanliness of the front of the restaurant. 

Significant Improvement from school to work

Tyson shared that he and Martyn actually went to school together and that Martyn was a year ahead. He wasn’t aware Martyn had secured employment at Mcdonalds’ and was happy to see him form part of the team. Tyson said, “I’ve seen a significant improvement in Martyn’s communication skills and ability to fit in with the team. Everyone at the restaurant has come to appreciate having Martyn around, and his positive impact is undeniable.

Martyn and Tyson standing in front of the McCafe sign in McDonalds Murwillumbah
"TURSA Support is Evident"

TURSA’s support has been instrumental in helping Martyn excel in his role at our restaurant. As a manager, it’s a huge relief to have someone like Martyn who is always punctual, 10 minutes early and takes the initiative by asking what tasks need doing and where. He’s also always impeccably dressed, which is a big deal for us. He is a great employee, and Martyn’s positive attitude towards work is contagious. Even when faced with tasks like washing dishes or changing bins, which can be unpleasant, he approaches them with a smile. 

Having Martyn on our team has been a positive experience for our entire team and me as a manager. Definitely a best employment outcome. His work ethic and attitude inspire our younger staff, and it’s a reminder that anyone can succeed in their chosen field, regardless of their challenges. Martyn is a valuable support for our team and a role model for others. Overall, having Martyn on our team has been a huge benefit, and we feel lucky to have him.”

TURSA helps people managing disability secure employment.  With 28 years of experience and a genuine desire to help make them your perfect choice as a DES provider.

Tapping into business support can be a useful way for companies to hire and retain staff utilising employment initiatives. One option is to work with Tursa Employment and Training.  TURSA  partner with businesses and offers wage subsidies to promote disability employment and create inclusive workplaces.

  • Tursa Employment and Training supports people with disabilities in finding and keeping jobs.
  • They offer a personalized support program that assists with the job search process and ongoing support.
  • TURSA partners with businesses and offers wage subsidies to promote disability employment and create inclusive workplaces.
  • They also provide access to information and opportunities for education and engagement with partner organizations.

A great way to better understand the industry and services available is attending expos and events that highlight changes and programs, for example.

Business Partnerships, Subsidies and Support

TURSA also partners with local businesses to promote disability employment and raise awareness of the support available. When business understand the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities and the support available to them, it opens doors.  As a result, these partnerships help create inclusive workplaces and break down barriers to work for people with disabilities and in turn drive job opportunities.

TURSA Employment and Training delivers an Australian government program (Disability Employment Services) that provides wage subsidies to businesses.  This support helps them afford to hire, train and retain staff. The program is designed to assist businesses in hiring and training employees who are facing barriers to employment. 

The Disability Employment Wage Subsidy is a specific component that provides wage subsidies to businesses that hire and retain employees with a disability. These wage subsidies help drive employment growth and training for employees with disabilities.  In addition, it makes it more affordable for businesses to employ a diverse and inclusive workforce. By driving employment through education and wage subsidies to businesses, Tursa Employment and Training and the Disability Employment Services program help to create job opportunities for individuals who, may face challenges in finding employment and help businesses afford to hire and retain a diverse and skilled workforce.

Hospitality industry disability employment person with downs syndrome working in Cafe
Hospitality Industry Still Struggling

There is still some way to go before the hospitality industry is back to full employment Gaining employment in the hospitality industry while managing a disability can positively impact both the individual and the business. For the individual, it can provide a sense of accomplishment and independence, as well as a source of income and social connection. For the industry, hiring individuals with disabilities can improve team morale and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for instance.

Enhance customer engagement

In addition, employing individuals with disabilities in the hospitality industry can also enhance customer engagement and improve the business’s acceptance in the community. Customers may feel more welcomed and valued when they see that a business is inclusive and supportive of people with disabilities. Disability Employment opportunities can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Promote Acceptance and Inclusion

Furthermore, supporting disability employment in the hospitality industry can also help to break down stereotypes and misconceptions about people with disabilities. By showcasing the skills and abilities of individuals with disabilities, businesses can help to change societal attitudes and promote acceptance and inclusion in the community.
Overall, hiring individuals with disabilities in the hospitality industry can benefit the individual and the business. It can create a more supportive and inclusive workplace, improve team morale, enhance customer engagement, and increase the business’s acceptance in the community.

Identify your strengths - Tursa employment. picture of guy in warehouse smiling
Unlocking Hidden Talent

It is important to remember that not all disabilities are visible. Just like not all skills and talents are immediately apparent, a person’s disability may not be immediately evident to others. Employers who are open-minded and inclusive in their engagement with potential employees may be rewarded with a diverse and talented workforce. By embracing diversity and providing accommodations for employees with disabilities, businesses can tap into a pool of skilled and dedicated workers as well as access employment initiatives through wage subsidies. Inclusive practices not only benefit employees with disabilities, but they can also foster a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Contact us about employment support today.

Finding a career that is rewarding, man working in a nursery garden
Understanding Value

There is a job out there for everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Everyone has their own unique set of skills and talents, and no one should be discouraged from pursuing a career because of their disability. In fact, many employers are now recognizing the value both the employment initiatives and hiring individuals with disabilities, as they often bring unique perspectives and problem-solving skills to the workforce.

Tursa Employment & Training Diversity Image of people standing on the word Diversity
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