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Australia provides various support services for individuals with disabilities, encompassing physical, financial, and mental health support. These services aim to enhance the quality of life, independence, and inclusion of people with disabilities. Here are some essential support services available in Australia:

Capital Supports Budget
Capital Supports include higher-cost pieces of assistive technology, equipment and home or vehicle modifications, and funding for one-off purchases you may need (including Specialist Disability Accommodation).
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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

  • The NDIS is a significant initiative in Australia that provides financial support and assistance to individuals with disabilities. It covers various services such as assistive technology, personal care, therapy, and community participation.

Disability Support Pension (DSP):

  • The DSP is a financial assistance program administered by Centrelink. It provides income support to individuals with a severe disability who cannot work or participate in substantial employment.

Assistive Technology and Equipment Programs:

  • Various programs and organisations offer assistance in acquiring assistive technology and equipment to improve the independence and mobility of individuals with physical disabilities. Find our more about Assistive Technology with the NDIS here or, google your local providers e.g. Assistive technology suppliers Tweed Heads

Personal Care and Support Services:

  • Personal care services, including in-home care and support workers, are available to help individuals with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and meal preparation. More information here.
There are various personal care and support services available google in your local area.

Carer Support Programs:

  • Carers play a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities. Various programs support carers, including respite care, counselling, and educational resources. Information on Carer Support Here.

Accessible Housing Programs:

  • Government and community organisations work to improve access to suitable housing for people with disabilities, ensuring that homes are adapted to accommodate various physical needs. More information here.
Transport Disability Support Services

Transportation Assistance:

  • Specialised transportation services are available to assist individuals with disabilities in travelling to medical appointments, work, or social activities.
Advocacy and Information Services TURSA

Advocacy and Information Services:

  • Advocacy groups and information services guide and support individuals with disabilities and their families, helping them understand their rights, access services, and navigate the system.
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Employment Support Programs:

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Education and Training Programs:

  • Various educational institutions and organisations offer programs tailored to individuals with disabilities, promoting skill development, inclusive education, and lifelong learning opportunities. TURSA is a Registered Training Organisation that focuses on providing the upskilling needed to meet specific job requirements.
occupational therapy TURSA

Therapeutic Services:

  • Physical and occupational therapy and speech therapy are available to individuals with disabilities to enhance their physical and communication abilities.  Google the nearest provider in your area for support.

It’s important to note that the availability and structure of support services may vary between states and territories. Additionally, eligibility criteria and application processes may differ for different programs. Individuals and their families are encouraged to contact relevant government agencies and disability service providers for detailed information and guidance tailored to their needs and circumstances.

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