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Collaboration between organisations and employers is critical to achieving sustainable outcomes in employment. This article highlights the seamless cooperation between Tursa Employment & Training, Certis Security, and Asset College and their collective efforts to secure jobs for individuals like Suzanne who now gets to be mixing in celebrity circles.


Collaboration of Asset College Certis Security and TURSA provided an exciting new job
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A Star-Studded Collaborative Success Story

Suzanne’s Journey

Suzanne, a former florist, had faced health issues and personal loss, leading her to believe she was too old to find work. However, her journey took a turn when she was introduced to the security industry through a training course at Asset College, funded by TURSA. Despite initial scepticism, Suzanne embraced the opportunity and secured employment.  What made it even more exciting for her was the fact that she could attend a number of concerts and get literally face to face with celebrities on the job.

Travis Marsham Certis Security

Travis Marsham – Certis Security

Travis Marsham, the State Events Manager for Certis Security, spoke about the company’s relationship with Asset College. Certis Security offers newcomers to the industry the opportunity to start as customer service officers while they undertake their training. This approach allowed Suzanne to gain experience in customer service roles at venues like the Gallery of Modern Art before transitioning into a security role. Travis emphasised the importance of life experience and maturity that individuals like Suzanne bring to the industry so that they can mix in celebrity circles or provide concierge or I.D. checking services professionally and seamlessly between them. Find out more about the opportunities in the security sector CLICK HERE

Certis Security

Mike Addicott – Asset College

Mike Addicott, the National Manager for Asset College, highlighted the organisation’s focus on employment. Asset College operates across Australia, offering training in security and associated disciplines. Mike discussed the “win, win, win” strategy, where graduates, the department, and employers all benefit. He also emphasised the importance of diversity in the industry and its opportunities for good earnings and flexible roles.

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Melinda – TURSA

Melinda Clarke, a Disability Employment Advocate at TURSA, discussed the importance of working with partners, training organisations, and employers to assist participants in finding employment. She shared Suzanne’s transformation from uncertainty to a place of enthusiasm and joy in her work. Suzanne’s experiences include working at high-profile events and meeting celebrities like Pink and Def Leppard.

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Mitch – Employment Support Asset College – The Need for Diversity in the Industry

Mitch highlighted the industry’s need for more women and diversity. The roles available in the industry are vast, ranging from concierge and building security to university and government security. The emphasis is on customer service, with employers often stating that an excellent retail customer service person can make an even better security officer.


Sam, the Business Liaison Team member for the Gold Coast at TURSA, discussed the importance of liaising with employers and job-matching TURSA clients. She emphasised the importance of educating employers about Disability Employment Services and addressing barriers before placing clients into work. Sam shared an instance of resolving a misunderstanding between an employer and an Indigenous Australian employee who needed to be absent from work for family business, demonstrating the importance of communication and a deeper cultural understanding. Without organisations like TURSA providing this post-placement support, the risk of misunderstanding and potential job loss becomes far more likely.

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Suzanne’s story is a testament to the power of collaboration between organisations and employers in achieving sustainable employment outcomes. It underscores the importance of diversity in the industry and the transformative impact of employment on individuals’ lives.

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