Another way to improve your chances of success if you are struggling to get a job, is by increasing your skills through education and training. Upskilling yourself will make your more employable.

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is the process in which people acquire new skills and learn how to apply them. It could be learning new skills for the job you already have, the job you want or skills that will help your prospects in a new industry. By teaching yourself these missing skills, it can close the gap between what employees can do and what the organisation needs them to do.

Upskilling can include:

  • Improving a skill you already have
  • Updating an existing skill to keep up with changing environments
  • Learning a completely new skill or skill set.

Key Benefits of Upskilling

  • It will make your work more satisfying
    When you try something new, you can uncover strengths in things you may not have ever expected. It helps give you a fresh perspective and can make your job more satisfying.
  • It can help you receive a payrise.
    When you start upskilling yourself you make yourself more valuable to the employer.
  • It can create more opportunities
    Upskilling while working can help you progress in your current role and gain promotions as they come available.
  • It enhances your resume
    Skills make your resume. By upskilling you will be adding new areas of expertise to your resume. This will show growth and that you are keen to improve and learn.
  • It keeps you up-to-date
    When you upskill, you expose yourself to new market and industry trends, keeping your skills current and in-line with modern practice. You may also able to meet new people and make new networking and industry connections.

How do you Upskill?

There are many courses available, both short and long that can help you improve your skills or qualifications that will strengthen your job applications.

Many of these courses are Government funded and free. We have compiled a list of NSW and QLD sites that have many courses available. Have a look at what is on offer:


  • Free NSW Short Courses – Thirteen new fee-free TAFE NSW online short courses are available to anyone wanting to upskill
  • NSW Hospitality Courses – Free hospitality training places across 29 different courses are now available to study at TAFE NSW and other registered training providers, including barista training, safe food handling, responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and introduction to cooking courses
  • Skills Checkpoint – for older workers aged between 45 and 70


To browse some other available courses, you can visit here: My Skills – Australia’s Training Directory


Digital Literacy is major skills gap. Digital literacy is important to all roles and every role at all level its’s about changing the future of work.

Microsoft have created a free online course to help you learn more about the digital world and programs. Complete the course here.

Does Upskilling interest you?

Did you know your Employment Consultant can help you to find the right course for you, then you can upskill!

If you want to take the next step to learn something new and advance your career, contact TURSA.