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Jobactive Services

Are you a job seeker looking for work or training or both? Are you eligible for employment service under the jobactive programme? Then talk to TURSA – your provider of employment and training services.

Who we are and what we do:

  • jobactive is the national employment services programme with 44 providers contracted across Australia that compete with each other to provide the best services they can to eligible job seekers
  • TURSA is a non-Government, not-for-profit organisation contracted and paid by the Australian Government through the Department of Employment, Skills, Small & Family Business to deliver jobactive services
  • TURSA services are available to clients from 58 offices from Forster (NSW) to Noosaville (QLD)
  • Choose your local TURSA office and enjoy free photocopying, phone and Internet access on-site to help you find a job
  • TURSA is also a Registered Training Organisation and provides nationally accredited and non-accredited training through TURSA or through other providers of training services as relevant and required by clients
  • TURSA has delivered successfully many programmes and services to assist jobseekers since 1995 and grown carefully and progressively as a result by being awarded additional Government contracts to deliver employment services
  • TURSA also invests very significant financial and practical assistance towards achieving employment opportunities for our clients
  • Our staff are specially selected for their work skills and most importantly, their knowledge of unemployment and empathy with unemployed job seekers
  • Confidentiality and privacy is assured to our clients

So for all your employment and training services contact TURSA, your local provider of employment and training services.