The Workmate System

Starting a new job can be daunting for many people. A new job can present some real challenges to a new staff member. Meeting other workers, learning new tasks, procedures and the general workings of the business, all of which can seem simple to old hands, can sometimes frustrate and confuse a newcomer.

Many businesses use a Workmate System to help new employees settle in and be more productive in a shorter period of time.

A Workmate System pairs up a new employee with an experienced employee to support the induction process. In the first few weeks a seasoned staff member can help considerably to assist the new employee to feel part of your workplace and get up to speed quicker.

Manager/Supervisor time with new employees is freed up to deal with job specific issues rather than settling in a new employee.

What is Workmate?

The Workmate System matches new employees with your staff who have been with the business for some time (typically minimum of 6 – 12 months), for their first few weeks in the job.

The Workmate provides the new employee with a point of contact for general queries regarding day-today operational issues, such as the location of facilities, policies and staff roles. They help the new employee by providing access to someone who is familiar with the business’s culture and expectations

Who should be appointed as a Workmate?

Ideally a Workmate should be of a similar age and background and have the ability to be an ‘informal friend’.

A Workmate must be willing to take on the role and have an approachable and friendly attitude. They should be preferably someone in the same work area at the same or similar level, who is ‘around and available’ most of the time for helping the new employee.

A Workmate is not a mentor or coach. He or she is not responsible for the formal training of the new employee or held responsible for the new employee’s performance

How to appoint a Workmate

The Manager/Supervisor is responsible for appointing a Workmate prior to the new staff member’s arrival.

The appointed Workmate should understand the importance of this role and that it will last for several weeks, depending upon the new staff member’s speed in adjusting to the new workplace.

Workmate Responsibilities

  • Introduce the new employee to co-workers
  • Show them around the workplace
  • Show the new employee where to get equipment and supplies
  • Take the new employee to the tea room and make sure that they do not eat alone for the first few weeks
  • Explain the operation of any equipment or systems they need in order to commence work
  • Check with the new employee daily to see if they need support or have questions
Having a Workmate is a Win/Win/Win Solution

There are significant benefits to your business, the Workmate and the new employee

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Enhanced employee development
  • Recognition as a strong performer
  • Opportunity to encourage and engage others
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills
  • One-on-one assistance, Single point-of-contact
  • Smoother induction
  • Knowledge of “how things really get done”