It was inspiring to meet Rex. Despite being a little nervous, he was happy to share his story.

Photo of Rex talking about TURSA and independence
Rex a TURSA participant 

TURSA has helped me more than I can describe. Leah, in particular, has been instrumental in assisting me. She helped me with my phone, finding work, and attending the SEE program. They also provided financial support for clothing, petrol, and my registration. They’ve been there for me when I needed it, and I am now employed and becoming more independent”.

Leah - Employment Advisor TURSA talking about Rex and experience
Leah, Rex’s Employment Advisor 

Leah was excited to share some insights into the transformation she had witnessed with Rex since starting to work with him?
“It’s been an incredible journey with Rex. I had been trying to contact him for about 3 or 4 months before finally getting in touch. We discussed how we could help him when he came into the office. We started by providing Rex with a phone so we could stay in contact. We soon realized that he needed support with technology and literacy. Rex was very open to receiving that support, and his courage throughout this process has been immense. I’m amazed by his progress. Just a few weeks ago, he even bought his first book”

Rex jumped in at that point. “Yes, Ironman and I’m already halfway through it. Reading it has been quite an adventure, and I’m really enjoying the story”.

We truly want to thank you, Rex, for sharing your story and exciting progress about your employment journey and taking on the challenge of your first book. And thank you, Leah, for your valuable support throughout this journey. It’s truly inspiring to witness the positive impact TURSA has had on Rex’s life. We wish you continued success in your reading and all your future endeavours.

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