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About our Disability Employment Services in Nambour

Our Nambour disability employment services strive to help individuals find and keep long term employment.

TURSA’s Disability Employment Services (DES) is about offering personal solutions to people managing disability. We help participants prepare for, secure, and retain meaningful employment. Recognising that every individual has unique needs, challenges, and aspirations, the services are structured around providing personalised support, ensuring that participants not only find jobs but also succeed in their employment.

In Nambour, as in many communities, these services play an important part in ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to the workforce and achieve their career goals. With a dedicated Disability Employment Services Nambour team and a wide range of resources, we offer Nambour participants the chance to navigate the employment landscape with confidence and support to succeed.

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How Our Disability Employment Services Benefit Nambour Participants

For residents of Nambour managing disability, injuries, or mental health conditions, finding sustainable employment can present unique challenges. TURSA’s Disability Employment Services is a case by case focus to address these challenges and provide comprehensive support to secure and maintain meaningful employment.

Some of the ways our services can help may include:

  • Creating a plan with you to achieve your employment goals based on your ability
  • Support to access other community services if needed
  • Resume development
  • Interview Coaching
  • On-site computer facilities for you to use
  • Support liaising with suitable employers
  • Job Training, Workshops and Education
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Workplace Modifications
  • On-the-Job Support for up to 52 weeks or more when you start work

Welcome to TURSA DES Easy Read Booklet – DOWNLOAD HERE

Welcome to TURSA DES Booklet – DOWNLOAD HERE

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How Our Disability Employment Services Nambour Team Works with Participants

We’re dedicated to you

We operate on a participant-centred model. Our Nambour disability employment services are carefully tailored to fit the goals, needs, and unique circumstances of each individual. 

Where possible, participants will be assigned a dedicated Nambour Disability Employment Advocate. Participants will  be able to work with and identify a plan with easy communication, ongoing support, and one-on-one appointments. 

With ongoing support

Mutual respect and open communication is at the heart of our approach. To help participants achieve their goals, they will be driving  the decision-making process the whole way. Being flexible, we will adjust services based on feedback and evolving needs.

We help you find and keep longtime employment

We look at what each person is best at and what their goals are in the workforce. We set goals based on this, then offer various types of support, like job training and resume help, to meet these needs. We can also assist with interviews and connecting you to potential employers.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing support even after a participant secures a job. Participants will receive on-the-job support for 52 weeks. This support will help them adapt to their new roles and overcome challenges they face.

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The service to expect from TURSA

At TURSA all DES-ESS services are delivered to meet and exceed National Standards for Disability Services. What else can you expect?

  • You will be assigned a specialist Disability Employment Adviser to work with you personally
  • Fortnightly face to face appointments available as well as flexible options to meet your needs as required
  • Tailored job plans with goal setting and planning reviewed with you as your needs change
  • Courteous, qualified and experienced staff who will work with you to achieve your employment goals
  • The opportunity for you to provide regular feedback to TURSA
  • Our assessment processes will ensure that you are fully equipped to remain in the workplace without intervention before exiting our services
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