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Wage Subsidies For Employer (1)

What Are Wage Subsidies?

Wage subsidies are financial incentives provided by the Australian government to encourage businesses to hire eligible candidates. Subsidies are paid at regular intervals during the first 26 weeks of employment when required hours are achieved each week. These subsidies help offset the costs of on-the-job training and support employers in creating sustainable employment opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

To access a wage subsidy, your organisation must meet the following criteria:

  1. Valid Australian Business Number (ABN): Ensure that your business has a valid ABN.
  2. Registered with Workforce Australia Online for Businesses: Set up an account on Workforce Australia’s online platform for businesses.
  3. New or Ongoing Employment Positions: Wage subsidies can be applied to new or ongoing positions, including full-time, part-time, casual, traineeship, or apprenticeship roles.
  4. Not Receiving Other Government Funding: You cannot receive a wage subsidy if you are already receiving government funding for the same position.
  5. Not for Family Members: The wage subsidy cannot be used for family members.
  6. Not Commission-Based, Self-Employment, or Subcontracted Positions: It applies only to standard employment arrangements.

Types of Wage Subsidies

1. Workforce Australia Wage Subsidies

  • Maximum Amount: Up to $10,000.
    • Workforce Australia up to $10,000
    • Disability Employment $1650 up to $10,000
  • Eligibility: Available for businesses hiring eligible individuals into ongoing jobs.
  • Provider Assistance: If you fill an ongoing position with the help of TURSA, a Workforce Australia, Transition to Work and Disability Employment provider, TURSA may offer you a wage subsidy.
  • Purpose: The subsidy helps cover initial hiring costs, ensuring the success of the new employee.

2. Disability Employment Services (DES) Wage Subsidy

  • Eligibility: Specifically for employers hiring DES jobseekers.
  • Negotiation: Employers can negotiate a wage subsidy with a DES provider.
  • Duration: The employment arrangement must continue for the period required by the relevant wage subsidy criteria.
  • Payment: Subsidies are paid during the first few months of employment, provided ongoing work is offered (generally more than 13 weeks).

How to Access a Wage Subsidy

  1. Agreement: Enter into a wage subsidy agreement with the provider.
  2. Online Account: Sign in or set up a Workforce Australia Online for Business account to approve the agreement, update details, and manage payments.
  3. Timely Finalisation: Finalise the agreement online within 28 days of the new employee’s start date to be eligible for payment.

Benefits for Employers

  • Financial Assistance: Wage subsidies support new employees during their transition into the role.
  • Business Growth: Flexibility in hiring options helps build your business.
  • TURSA Employment Advocate: One dedicated support person to support participant and employer through process

Get Started

Download our Wage Subsidy Brochure or Contact a TURSA to learn more about eligibility and how wage subsidies can be tailored to suit your business.

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  • I need to complete a wage subsidy claim form CLICK HERE

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