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Is it ok to use ChatGPT for your resume?

Writing a resume is essential to finding a job. Nowadays, we have tools like ChatGPT, an AI tool that helps with resume writing. But is it ok to use ChatGPT for your resume?

Although AI tools are relatively new for the public, using something like ChatGPT can be beneficial in writing your resume, and even your cover letter too. Though, while it can be helpful, it’s important to use it carefully and to be honest about your skills and experience.

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Understanding ChatGPT's role in writing resumes

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ChatGPT can be used in a wide variety of ways. It just so happens that you can use ChatGPT to write a resume too. From formatting to providing examples or helpful guides, it can be a reliable resume-writing tool.

But, ChatGPT doesn’t know or understand the role you might be applying for. And, while you can provide it with the information, it can be impersonal, and have you at a disadvantage when it comes to comparing your resume with other applicants. 

Remember that it’s just a computer program and does not know everything about your job or experience. Use it for ideas, but make sure to think for yourself too.

Tips to using ChatGPT for resumes

1. Tailor your content

When using ChatGPT, ensure the resume reflects your skills and goals. Customise the suggestions to fit your qualifications. Your resume should show what makes you unique and stand out to employers. Also, it’s essential to support your claims with evidence. Include specific examples and facts to back up what you say.

2. Review for accuracy​

Even though ChatGPT can give good suggestions, always check for mistakes. Make sure the information is correct and matches your experience. For example, Double-check dates, job titles, and other details. Also, make sure the evidence you provide is accurate and reliable.

3. Get human feedback​

While ChatGPT is helpful, getting feedback from real people is a good idea. Talk to mentors, career counsellors, or professionals in your field. They can give you advice and help you make sure your resume is strong. They can also help you evaluate the evidence you’ve included.

Using ChatGPT to write your resume can be helpful, but be careful. Customise the content, check for mistakes, and get feedback from real people. It’s also essential to support your claims with evidence. You may be asked to provide additional examples to validate your claims so be honest and prepared. Using ChatGPT, along with your judgment and evidence, you can create a great resume that impresses employers.

We have a number of other topics on how to develop a great resume, make sure you check them out below.   Good luck with your job search – TURSA is here to help you!

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