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Find the job that's right for you with Workforce Australia.

Looking for work in today’s dynamic job market can be challenging. This is where our Workforce Australia Grafton team steps in.

Workforce Australia, as an essential segment of Centrelink, is dedicated to offering unemployment benefits to those who require them. As a Workforce Australia service provider, our primary objective is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals in their journey for employment while ensuring they meet their unemployment obligations as per their job plans. This prevents participants from facing payment delays or additional requirements under their Workforce Australia plan.

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How our Workforce Australia Grafton team can help

Government-Contracted Workforce Australia Provider

As a government-contracted provider for Workforce Australia, our pride is in facilitating participants in achieving their employment objectives. Our devoted team offers comprehensive services, empowering job seekers and instilling a sense of accountability.

Meeting Obligations and Ensuring Accountability

Our team collaborates closely with participants to ensure they comprehend and fulfil their obligations while receiving unemployment assistance. We aim to nurture a sense of responsibility, directing participants towards successful employment.

Collaborative Approach towards Employment

We trust in the power of collaboration in the job-seeking process. By aligning with participants, we provide customised support and resources to boost their prospects of securing meaningful, enduring employment.

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Choosing Workforce Australia Grafton with TURSA

Workforce Australia, funded by the Australian Government, is a critical initiative designed to aid individuals in locating and retaining rewarding employment. As a reliable provider, TURSA’s Workforce Australia Grafton team is committed to delivering thorough support throughout the employment process.

Comprehensive Support at Every Step

Our Workforce Australia TURSA team plays a vital role in every stage of the participant’s employment journey, including:

  • Pinpointing participant skills and interests to align with appropriate opportunities
  • Prepping participants for entering or re-entering the job market
  • Helping participants in securing work and maintaining long-term employment

Personalised Assistance for Unique Needs

Recognising that every Workforce Australia applicant has distinct needs and goals, we strive to provide personalised assistance. Our skilled team will steer Grafton Workforce Australia participants through every stage of a customised plan, from polishing resumes to acing job interviews.

Pursue Career Goals with Confidence

With the unwavering backing of our Workforce Australia Grafton team, participants can fearlessly focus on meeting their career objectives. We are here to help employment journeys and assist Australians in excelling in the job market.

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Contacting Our Grafton Workforce Australia Team

Our mission is to extend support and guidance to individuals in their pursuit of employment while ensuring they meet their obligations. With our Workforce Australia Grafton team, participants will benefit from:

  • Scheduling appointments with a local Workforce Australia employment adviser
  • Tailored plans guiding towards employment
  • Access to the participant portal, filled with resources to assist in locating opportunities and achieving success in the workforce

Reach out to a friendly member of TURSA’s Grafton team or find the nearest TURSA location to learn how we can aid in your employment journey.


Centrelink provides your income support payments while enrolled in the Workforce Australia programme. TURSA is contracted by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations as an employment services provider. Our role is to assist you in preparing and looking for work during this time.

Mutual obligation requirements are what you’ll have to do as a condition for receiving an income support payment. These obligations will be set out in your Job Plan, and your TURSA Employment Adviser will provide you with the support and resources to help you meet them. The requirements can include:

  • Attending appointments with us
  • Completing the required number of job searches per month
  • Participating in Work for the Dole (if necessary) and applying for specific jobs that you are referred to by your TURSA Employment Adviser.

Your requirements and job searching activities will be outlined in your Job Plan, which you’ll create with your TURSA Employment Adviser during your initial meeting. Your TURSA Employment Adviser will explain what you’ll need to do. You’ll be able to provide input to ensure your Job Plan also suits your individual needs.

Each month Centrelink requires you to report on your job searching activity. This is done via the MyGov website. Your plan will advise your due dates for lodgement, and your Employment Adviser will step you through the process.

If you can’t make an appointment or activity, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule this for you and ensure there’s no delay in your income support payments.

Workforce Australia is the new way for job seekers to access the government’s employment services. Workforce Australia Services, delivered by Tursa Employment and Training, provides you with an enhanced service to overcome barriers to finding a job and to be work-ready.

In order to keep receiving income support payments from Centrelink, you need to meet your mutual obligation requirements while you search for work. From 4 July, 2022, your mutual obligations will be part of the new Workforce Australia Points Based Activation System (PBAS). This system aims to give you more choice in the tasks and activities you carry out as part of your mutual obligation requirements.

Please speak to your TURSA employment Adviser if you have any questions about your points total or the activities in your Job Plan.

You’ll earn a certain number of points by completing tasks and activities in a reporting period.

These can include:

  • a minimum number of job searches
  • going for job interviews
  • stints of paid or voluntary work
  • work experience
  • training opportunities
  • online learning modules
  • scroll down to see the list of activities and available points for each one.

Meeting your points total

Your TURSA employment adviser will discuss the number of points you need to earn for each reporting period.

They will also discuss with you how to earn and how to report them.

Every participant’s points total will depend on the support they receive and their circumstances, so you may have a different number of points to earn than other Workforce Australia participants.

Please remember, your income payments can be impacted if you don’t reach your number of points during the reporting period.

If you have any problems meeting your points total, speak to your TURSA Employment Adviser as soon as possible.

If you are self-managing your job search through Workforce Australia Online, reach out to the Digital Service Contact Centre (DSCC) by calling 1800 314 677 or email [email protected].

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